Annual Conference Tropical and Subtropical Fisheries Technological Conference of the Americas


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Papers:  FDA seafood HACCP inspection;  The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Quality Management Program;   Polyphosphates: rationale for use and functionality in seafood and seafood products;  Functionality of  polyphosphates  (pp. 1-42)
Papers:  Moisture content of scallop meat: effect of species, time of season and method of determining "added water";  Functional, microbiological and sensory changes in sea scallops treated with sodium tripolyohosphated during iced storage;   The application of phosphates in the processing of Pacific shrimp or what's so different about the use?  (pp. 43-77)
Papers:  Use of  phosphates with southern penaeid shrimp;   Determination of tripolyphosphate and related hydrolysis products in processed shrimp;   Consumer evaluations of phosphated shrimp and scallops;   Computer-based pathogen control;  Rapid test kits for detection of Listeria monocytogenes : a review  (pp. 78-116)
Papers:  Listeria in shellfish plant environments: prevalence and control in Virginia;   Survival of Listeria monocytogenes in lobster meat during selected heat treatment conditions;   Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella SSP. in modified atmosphere packaged channel catfish;   Nonculturable vibrio parahaemolyticus  (pp. 117-160)
Papers:  Low dose gamma irradiation of plesiomonas shigelloides in shrimp;   Control of listeria monocytogenes in blue crab meat using lactic acid bacteria fermentates;   Relationship between paralytic shellfish toxin producing dinoflagellate algae and associated bacteria  (pp. 161-190)
Papers:  Vibrio vulnificus in shellfish: an examination of public health risks and public health policy recommendations;   Properties of fish gelatin  (pp. 191-215)
Papers:   Storage stability of hydrogenated menhaden oil shortening in cookies, crackers and snacks;   Effects of sodium lactate and potassium lactate on color, pH, and bacteria counts of tilapia held in overwrapping, vacuum skin packaging and modified atmospheres;   Effects of tannic acid, gallic acid and propyl gallate on storage life of catfish;   Extending shelflife of seafood with acetic acid;   Preservation of gurry hydrolysates with the propionic acid fermentation  (pp. 216-259)
Papers:   Capillary zone electrophoresis of freshwater whitefish sacoplasmic proteins during modified atmosphere packaging;   Protein hydrolyzates from aquatic species;   An economic analysis of the southeast US seafood processing industry, 1973-90;   Some quality characteristics of farmed cod  (pp. 260-295)
Papers:  Management of blue crab processing wastes;   Preventive maintenance and parts inventory control programs;   Oxidation and lipolysis of lipids in channel catfish during frozen storage;   A simple, rapid solvent extraction method for determination of total lipids in fish tissue;    Moisture content of North Carolina bay, calico and sea scallop meats at harvest, processing and retail  (pp. 296-351)
Papers:  Exopeptidases as by-products from shellfish viscera;   Oxidative stability of various oils as determined by rancumit method;   Correlation of sensory decisons with chemical indicators of seafood acceptability;   Effect of different lipid levels on the uptake and depuration of petroleum hydrocarbons by Atlantic salmon  (pp. 352-397)
Papers:  Quantitative descriptive analysis of amphipod broths;   U.S. Department of Agriculture programs supporting aquacultural products safety and quality  (pp. 398-431)
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