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The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by NSGL document number within each topic. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number.

Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

For additional information related to hazards please refer to the HazNet website.


Cyclone | El Niņo | Ice | Lightning | Rip Currents


Lake Erie fluctuations induced by the 26 January 1978 cyclone. OHSU-Y-80-002

El Niño

Biological tags for stock separation in Pacific herring ("Clupea harengus pallasi" Valenciennes) and the possible effect of "El Niño" currents on parasitism. AKU-W-90-003 pp. 245-254

El Niño and tuna. HAWAU-W-84-004 pp. 40-55

El Niño. ORESU-G-97-008

El Niño north: Niño effects in the eastern subarctic Pacific Ocean. WASHU-W-84-001


Facilities development, construction and operation problems and related environmental conflicts and problems of the ice stressed coastal areas of Alaska. AKU-T-70-001


Beach safety: protect yourself from lightning. DELU-G-90-003

Lightning safety. DELU-G-05-007

Boating-lightning protection. FLSGP-G-85-001

Lightning and sailboats. FLSGP-G-92-001

Lightning: grounding your boat. MDU-G-80-001

Lightning: cone of protection. MICHU-G-80-001

Lightning & boats. MICHU-G-89-001

Rip Currents

Rip currents. DELU-G-05-006

Rip currents! Break the grip of the rip. MICHU-G-04-006

Rip currents! Break the grip of the rip! (sign). MICHU-G-04-008

Escapese de la resaca! (Spanish version of "Rip currents: break the grip of the rip" sign). MICHU-G-04-009

Rip currents: don't panic. NCU-G-00-001

Rip currents. NCU-G-01-002

Texas rips! TAMU-G-84-009

(see also Hurricanes: Coastal Construction )

Coastal protection structures and their effectiveness. CUIMR-T-86-004

Decision models for evacuating platforms under storm conditions. CUIMR-T-91-002

Coastal construction setback line. FLSGP-G-74-001

Building construction on shoreline property. FLSGP-G-77-002

Reestablishment of the coastal construction control line. FLSGP-G-87-002

Guidelines for beachfront construction with special reference to the coastal construction setback line. FLSGP-H-77-001

Coastal construction practices. FLSGP-TL-82-001

Checklist for building construction on shoreline property. MASGC-H-79-001

The design, development, and testing of a quarter scale collision tolerant pile structure. NHU-T-85-002

Development of a central stay collision tolerant pile structure. NHU-T-86-006

Microcomputer modeling of collision-tolerant pile structures dynamics. NHU-T-88-002

A mathematical model for the three-dimensional dynamics of a collision tolerant pile structure (abstract only). NHU-X-86-001

Development and testing of a collision tolerant pile structure (abstract only). NHU-X-87-001

The design and analysis of a full scale collision tolerant pile structure (abstract only). NHU-X-89-001

Software for the design and analysis of collision tolerant pile structures (abstract only). NHU-X-89-002

Impact response of collision tolerant pile structures (abstract only). NHU-X-89-004

Coastal processes of the lower Hudson River. NYEXT-W-84-001

General planning considerations for small-scale coastal structures. NYSGI-H-83-001

Docks, piers and wharves: a design guide. NYSGI-H-83-002

Coastal structures handbook series: materials. NYSGI-H1-82-001

Coastal structures handbook series: breakwaters, jetties and groins. NYSGI-H1-82-002

Coastal structures handbook series: bulkheads. NYSGI-H1-82-003

Coastal structures handbook series: pile foundations. NYSGI-H1-82-004

Coastal structures handbook series: environmental loads. NYSGI-H1-82-005

Construction techniques, environmental impacts and laws/regulations for recreation development on the Great Lakes: an annotated bibliography and discussion of critical needs in New York. NYSGI-L-86-001

Regulating urban waterfront structures. NYSGI-T-81-008

Summary proceedings: legal issues and liability for construction along the ocean shore. OREXT-W-82-001

Reduction of coastal storm damages to residential structures: modifying existing unelevated structures. RIU-TL-81-002

Coastal construction: building in a hazardous place. SCSGC-W-87-002

(see also Hurricanes: planning/preparedness)

Emergency response: how do emergency management officials address disasters in the Delaware Estuary? DELU-G-91-004

Economics of storm protection. DELU-T-76-009

Disasters and coastal state: a policy analysis of presidential declarations of disaster 1953-97. DELU-T-98-001

NOAA coastal storms initiative. FLSGP-G-02-005

Florida's Coastal Hazards Disclosure Law: property owner perceptions of the physical and regulatory environment. FLSGP-S-12-001

Florida's Coastal Hazards Disclosure Law: property owner perceptions of the physical and regulatory environment: Executive summar with conslusion and recommendations for statutory reform. FLSGP-S-12-002

Impacts of coastal hazards on tourism and property prices: research summary. GAUS-S-00-001

Mitigating the risk from coastl hazards: strategies and concepts for recovery from the December 26, 2004 tsunami. HAWAU-H-05-004

Homeowner's handbook to prepare for natural hazards. HAWAU-H-07-003

Report on 1999-2000 HazNet survey of Sea Grant personnel (to identify involvement in natural coastal hazards projects). LSU-S-00-001

Mississippi homeowners handbook to prepare for natural hazards. MASGC-H-10-001

Integrating hazard mitigation into local planning to support community resilience on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. MASGC-S-13-001

Emergency aid. MASGC-TL-79-002

National Flood Insurance Reform: a glance at proposals to reform the Biggert-Waters Act. MASGC-WR-13-001

Your place at the beach: a buyer's guide to vacation real estate. NCU-H-87-001

The price of paradise: oceanfront living can be hazardous. NCU-O-98-003 pp. 14-19

Storms, people and property in coastal North Carolina. NCU-T-78-007

National Sea Grant's resilience toolkit. NSGO-H-15-001

Report of the first annual Great Lakes Forecasting System (GLFS) user's workshop. OHSU-W-94-001

Coastal natural hazard information for property owners, sellers, and prospective buyers in the Pacific northwest. ORESU-L-80-003

Mitigation of liquefaction hazards to anchored sheet pile bulkheads. ORESU-R-98-004

Improving natural hazards management on the Oregon coast: recommendations of the coastal natural hazards policy working group 1994. ORESU-T-94-002

Harbormaster liability: reducing risk. RIU-E-92-005

Making a difference in reducing the risk of coastal hazards. RIU-G-96-010

Multi-hazard mitigation in Rhode Island. RIU-G-97-007

Hazard mitigation for Rhode Island recreational harbor communities. RIU-H-96-001

Integrated multi-hazard mitigation in Rhode Island. RIU-Q-96-001

'Nature hasn't forgotten': coastal development and hazard mitigation. RIU-R-99-003

Strategy for reducing risks from natural hazards in Pawtucket, Rhode Island: a multi-hazard mitigation strategy. RIU-T-97-005

Strategy for reducing risks from natural hazards in Charlestown, RI. RIU-T-98-001

Achieving hazard-resilient coastal and waterfront smart growth. RIU-W-11-001

State hazard mitigation grant program: applicants' guide. SCSGC-H-91-002

Coastal development: barrier islands, flood insurance, and policy. SCSGC-W-80-001

Protecting your boat against severe weather. TAMU-G-84-007