Converging Currents: Science, Culture and Policy at the Coast
The Coastal Society 18th International Conference, Galveston, Texas  May 12-22, 2002
Conference Proceedings


Cover;  Contents;  Sponsors;  Conference Committee;  Forward;  Special note;   Acknowledgements;  Past proceedings;  Past presidents  
Papers presented:  Categories:   The importance of water quality to estuary health;   Protection and restoration of  estuaries;   Beneficial uses of dredged materials in coastal areas;   Coastal impact assistance program: stimulus for the coast;   Marine protected areas: policy and trends;   Information for coastal planning I   (pp. 1-75)
Papers presented:   Categories:   Managing cumulative impacts;   Technical aspects of management;   Management of our estuaries;   Finding, selecting and paying for third-party neutral assistance with collaborative processes;   Law and policy effects on onshore and offshore industry;   Information for coastal planning  II   (pp. 76-132)
Papers presented:   Categories:   The physical coasts across the US;   Regional approaches to ecosytem-based resource management;  The role of the community  in restoring environmental health;   Economics and the coasts;   Saving the Everglades: tools and strategies for building consensus and resolving conflicts;   Cruise ships: issues and solutions   (pp. 133-165)
Papers presented:   Categories:   The needs of coastal habitat and its restoration;   A focus on Texas ecosystems;   Cultural, historical and educational aspests of coastal management;   Influencing marine protected area policy;   Fishries management and stakeholders;   Aquatic nuisance species in ballast water: issues and solutions   (pp. 166-237)
Papers presented:   Categories:   Issues affecting ports and harbors;   International coastal zone management;   Issues in commercial and recreational fisheries management;   Change and continuity in the United States coastal margin  (pp. 238-284)
Poster presentations  (pp. 285-299)
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