Coasts at the Millennium
Conference Proceedings
The Coastal Society 17th International Conference, July 9-12, 2000


Cover;   Table of contents;  Sponsors;  Conference committee;  Forward;  Special note;  Acknowledgements;  Past proceedings;  Past presidents
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Harnessing technology to improve coastal and ocean management;   Creative natural resource restoration;  Is EFH essential to restoring coastal ecosystems?;   Managing recreation and tourism impacts   (pp. 1-124)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Toward sustainable hazards mitigation   (pp. 125-157)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Ecosystem management for watersheds and estuaries   (pp. 158-185)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Integration in theory and practice;  Creative partnerships/solutions for perennial problems;  Managing coastal resources;   American heritage rivers initiative: integrating environment, preservation, and economic revitalization;  Planning for hazards mitigation with stakeholders;   Accommodating people, culture, and nature in natural resource decisions   (pp. 186-304)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Improving economic information for ocean and coastal resources;  Restoring and protecting anadromous fisheries;   Estuary planning in the lower Columbia River;   Population growth impacts on the urban coast;   Strategies for reducing vulnerability to earthquake-Tsunami disasters   (pp. 305-404)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:   Environmental quality in the coastal zone;   Marine managed areas: panacea or pandora's box?;   Natural resource planning models;   Restoring the nation's estuaries    (pp. 405-484)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:   Promoting smart growth in coastal communities;   Integrating science and management for hazards mitigation: the southwest Washington coastal erosion study;   Application of new environmental technologies for improved coastal management;   Integration through collaboration and partnership   (pp. 485-581)
PAPERS PRESENTED:  Categories:  Getting the job done with GIS applicatoins;  Governamance strategies to preserve natural resources;  Waterfront planning and design;   How effective are hazard reduction policies and programs?;  International perspectives on integrated coastal management   (pp. 582-670)
PAPERS PRESENTED:  Categories:  Lessons in assessing and evaluating coastal and ocean resources;  Temporal and spatial scaling in coastal science: insights into natural and anthropogenic processes;  Dredging and natural resource protection;  Cleaning-up urban waterfronts  (pp. 671-762)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Tools for mitigation and development siting in high hazard areas  (pp. 763-801)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Categories:  Marine education strategies for the new millennium   (pp. 802-834)
PAPERS PRESENTED:   Posted papers not included with technical sessions  (pp. 835-936)
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