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National Sea Grant Library

A place to learn about the world around you.  A place to begin change for the better. 

The NSGL is the digital library and official archive for NOAA’s Sea Grant documents.  It is the only comprehensive and deeply searchable collection of Sea Grant-funded documents from the over 30 programs and projects across the United States and Territories.  This collection includes a wide variety of subjects including oceanography, marine education, aquaculture, fisheries, aquatic nuisance species, coastal hazards, seafood safety, limnology, coastal zone management, marine recreation, and law. 

The NSGL provides global access to tens of thousands of full-text digital documents through its online publications catalog.  The NSGL is also the archive for Sea Grant — preserving and enabling access to information-rich documents and publications which predate digitization.  For those documents that aren’t available electronically, or for patrons who prefer hard copy documents, the NSGL provides 30 day loans worldwide to assist scientists, teachers, students, fishermen, and all other researchers. 

We seek to support all those who wish to contribute to knowledge; share such knowledge; and build a better, safer, happier tomorrow for us all.

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