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Digital Libraries: Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture

The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by document number. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. Please view our Conditions of Use clause prior to downloading electronic documents.

Please visit our Online Catalog for additional titles on this topic. Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.


General | Integrated Multi-trophic | Open Ocean | Cages/Net Pens | Recirculating Systems | Stock Enhancement | Laws/Regulations | Design/Construction


Guidelines for shellfish farming in Alaska. AKU-H-97-003

Alaska Oyster Growers Manual (4th edition) AKU-H-12-003

Regional review on aquaculture development. CASG-T-06-009

Economic analysis of an intensive, zero-water exchange, saltwater shrimp culture demonstration project in Nicaragua. FLSGP-T-02-003

A Basic Overview of Aquaculture. ILIN-G-90-001

Best management practices in crawfish production -- good for producers and coastal watersheds LSU-H-08-001

Efforts to develop a responsible offshore aquaculture industry in the Gulf of Mexico: A compendium of offshore aquaculture consortium research. MASGC-B-04-001

Overview of good aquaculture practices. MDU-H-10-001 or VSGCP-H-10-001

North Central and Ninth Annual Minnesota Aquaculture Conference 1995. MINNU-W-95-001

Feasibility of the Development of Aquaculture in the State of New Hampshire: A Case Study of the Sea Scallop, Placopecten magellanicus. NHU-T-97-007

Nutrition and Technical Development of Aquaculture. NHU-W-97-001

Resource Guide to Aquaculture Information. NSGO-H-94-001

Did you know? Shellfish aquaculture is GOOD for the environment! RIU-G-04-001

Interactions Between Cultured Species and Naturally Ocurring Species in the Environment. TAMU-W-95-003

Aquaculture waster management symposium. VSGCP-W-01-002

Shellfish culture forum: industry issues. An annual evaluation. VSGCP-W-03-001


Small-scale oyster farming for pleasure and profit in Washington. WASHU-H-02-001

Integrated Multi-trophic

Talk of the Towns: seaweed aquaculture (6/8/12) MEU-F-12-002

Seaweed production on mussel farms in Maine MEU-G-12-004

Culture of sea cucumbers in Korea: a guide to Korean methods and the local sea cucumber in the Northeast U.S. MEU-H-14-001

Culture of Sargassum in Korea: techniques and potential for culture in the U.S. MEU-H-14-002

A pilot project to stimulate seaweed production on mussel farms in Maine: final report MEU-T-15-004

Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture. NHU-T-11-004

Experimental uses of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture NHU-T-13-008

Integrating the aquaculture of the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and the European oyster Ostrea edulis in the Gulf of Maine NHU-T-14-005

Open Ocean

Open Ocean Aquaculture '97: Charting the Future of Ocean Farming. HAWAU-W-97-002

Open Ocean Aquaculture IV: from Research to Commercial Reality (symposium and abstracts) MASGC-W-01-001

Effect of balanced information on attitudes towards open ocean aquaculture development in New England NHU-R-00-009

Open Ocean Aquaculture Work and Research Trasnport Project. NHU-T-04-004

Open Ocean Aquaculture: Proceedings of an International Conference. NHU-W-96-001

Open ocean aquaculture--moving forward. OCEI-W-06-001

Offshore aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest. ORESU-W-08-001

Joining Forces with Industry Open Ocean Aquaculture 1998. TAMU-W-98-002

Cages/Net Pens

The Hawaii Offshore Aquaculture Research Project: critical research and development issues for commercialization HAWAU-BR-03-001

Effects of a Hawaiian open fish culture system on the benthic community HAWAU-BR-03-002

Lagoon Farming of Giant Clams (Bivalvia: Tricanidae). HAWAU-G-99-005

Analyzing the Profitability of Hybrid Striped Bass Cage Culture. ILIN-G-93-002

Cage Culture of Fish in the North Central Region. ILIN-H-94-002

A Workshop on the Midwest Regional Cage Culture. ILIN-W-90-001

Application of Mathematical Models in the Environmental Regulation of Net-Pen Aquaculture. MEU-T-93-001

Great Lakes net pen aquaculture discussed at recent public forum MICHU-G-15-070

Marine biofouling, a friend or foe of cage NHU-G-11-003

C-FARMS: Coastal Finfish Aquaculture-Rearing Model System. NHU-T-94-006

Juvenile Codfish Netpen. NHU-T-95-004

Feasibility of Urchin Aquaculture in a Cage System. NHU-T-98-001

Research and development of steelhead trout Oncorhynchus mykiss aquaculture in sea cages NHU-Y-13-005

Best management practices for marine cage culture operations in the U.S. Caribbean PRU-H-14-002

Code of Conduct: Saltwater Salmon Net-pen Operations. WASHU-H-02-002

Recirculating Systems

Water quality modeling for aquaculture water reuse systems CUIMR-R-96-026

Fish Stock Propagation (Chapter 13) FLSGP-R-16-011

Integrating effluent from recirculating aquaculture systems with greenhouse cucumber and tomato production FLSGP-Y-15-007

Second annual workshop: commercial aquaculture using water recirculating systems. ILIN-W-91-001

Urban Aquaculture For The 21st Century. LSU-G-97-007

Design of High-Density Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. LSU-W-91-001

A spreadsheet tool for the economic analysis of a recirculation tank System MDU-G-12-002

Cod Sea Ranching: Indentifying the Next Steps. NHU-W-93-001

Proceedings of the First, Second and Third International Conferences on Recirulating Aquaculture VSGCP-C-00-001

International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture (Volume 6, June 2005) VSGCP-O-05-004

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture. VSGCP-W-98-001

Stock Enhancement

Ecology of aquaculture species and enhancement of stocks: proceedings of the thirtieth U.S.- Japan meeting on aquaculture FLSGP-W-01-004

Selective Breeding of Fishes in Asia and the United States. HAWAU-W-93-001

Flounder Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement in North Carolina: Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations. NCU-W-98-001

Flatfish conditioning for stock enhancement NHU-NR-13-001

Marine Fish Culture and Enhancement Bibliography: Focus on Puget Sound. WASHU-L-95-001

Marine Fish Culture and Enhancement: Conference Proceedings. WASHU-W-93-001


A guide to marine aquaculture permitting in Connecticut (Version 2008) CONN-H-08-001

Interim Guide to Regulations Affecting Aquaculture Production in Delaware. DELU-H-92-002

Aquaculture and the Law: A Guidebook for Georgia. GAUS-H-95-001

Legal question re: state registration of aquaculture facilities in federal waters MASGC-G-08-011

Alabama adopts new shellfish aquaculture rule to promote development of off-bottom oyster aquaculture industry MASGC-G-15-003

Injury compensation for aquaculture employees NSGLC-G-12-012

Issues in Aquaculture Regulation. NSGO-H-93-001

Aquaculture regulations and research goals. WASHU-W-02-001

Geoduck Aquaculture Research Program: interim progress report to the Washington State Legislature (House Bill 2220) WASHU-T-09-005

Geoduck aquaculture research program. Report to the Washington State Legislature (Final Report) WASHU-T-13-002


Guide to Site Selection, Design, and Construction of Dredged Material Containment Areas for Aquaculture. MASGC-H-90-001

Containment Area Aquaculture Handbook. MASGC-H-92-002

Economic Potential of Aquaculture in Dredged Material Containment Areas. MASGC-T-92-001

"Don’t fence me in!" Introducing students in grades 6-12 to aquaculture engineering via a hands-on classroom activity MDU-E-13-001

Design and Construction of Diversion Ponds for Aquaculture. MINNU-H-90-002