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Digital Libraries: Marine Careers

The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by NSGL document number. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number.

Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

In addition to the titles below, many other education-related Sea Grant documents are accessible from the database.

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Launch Your Career with a NOAA Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship (DVD) AKU-V-11-003

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Undergraduate marine science degrees: pros and cons. HAWAU-R-86-003

Lake Guardian career video series: Marine Technician I (online video). ILIN-V-14-002

Lake Guardian career video series: Captain (online video). ILIN-V-14-003

Lake Guardian career video series: Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (online video). ILIN-V-14-004

Lake Guardian career video series: First Mate (online video). ILIN-V-14-005

Lake Guardian video career series: Able-bodied Seaman (online video). ILIN-V-14-006

Lake Guardian career video series: Marine Technician II (online video). ILIN-V-14-007

Lake Guardian video career series: Professor of Environmental Engineering (online video). ILIN-V-14-008

Lake Guardian career video series: Graduate student of Environmental Science and Engineering (online video. ILIN-V-14-009

Lake Guardian career video series: Undergraduate student of Environmental Science (online video). ILIN-V-14-010

Camp, crayfish, and a cool science and career experience. MICHU-E-15-006

I'm interested in a career in marine science. What should I do? From: "Do dolphins sleep? Questions and answers about the sea". MIT-E-94-002 pg. 25

New Hampshire Sea Grant (revised website). NHU-I-14-001

Connect to conserve: internships with N. H. Sea Grant and UNH Cooperative Extension. NHU-V-14-001

Marine-related careers: options and resources. OHSU-E-03-001

Marine-related careers: options and resources. OHSU-G-96-005

Careers in science investigation promo (online video). ORESU-V-11-014

Careers in marine biology. PRU-E-95-002

Careers in physical and chemical oceanography. PRU-E-95-003

Careers in ocean engineering. PRU-E-95-004

Marine careers in medicine and health. PRU-E-95-005

Careers in resource management, planning, policy making and law. PRU-E-95-006

Technical careers. PRU-E-95-007

Marine career series: marine-related occupations. A primer for high school students. RIU-E-90-001

Questions about careers in oceanography. TAMU-E-87-001

Vocational-technical marine career opportunities in Texas. TAMU-E-87-002

What does it take to become a marine scientist? VSGCP-G-99-004

Fellowships for the future: Opportunities for career enhancement and academic growth. WASHU-E-15-002

Fellowships for the future: opportunities for career enhancement and academic growth. WASHU-R-06-003

Marine science careers: a Sea Grant guide to ocean opportunities. WHOI-E-00-001

Women in marine science...good girls don't? WHOI-R-90-010