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Global Warming/Climate Change

The following Sea Grant documents are arranged by the NSGL document number within each state program section. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. Please view our Conditions of Use clause prior to downloading electronic documents.

Please visit our Online Catalog for additional titles on this topic. Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.


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Alaska Sea Grant

Warming poles (Arctic Science Journeys radio script). AKU-F-97-002

Polar bears in peril (Arctic Science Journeys radio script). AKU-F-98-002

Ice station SHEBA (Arctic Science Journeys radio script). AKU-F-98-003

Alaska coastal calendar 2008 (commemorating the International Polar Year). AKU-G-08-001 (ordering info)

Climate change and subsistence: what it means to Alaskans and how we can adapt. AKU-G-11-005

Sea level rise and storm surge: what it means to Alaskans and how we can adapt. AKU-G-11-006

Permafrost change: what it means to Alaskans and how we can adapt. AKU-G-11-007

Fisheries Adaptations to Climate Change AKU-G-12-007

Climate change adaptation planning manual for coastal Alaskans and marine-dependent communities. AKU-H-11-003

Alaska climate change adaptation planning tool. AKU-H-11-004

Responses to coastal erosion in Alaska in a changing climate. AKU-H-11-005

Climate change adapatation planning for individuals and communities. AKU-I-11-001

Living on Alaska's Changing Coast: Adapting to Climate Change in Coastal Alaska (website) AKU-I-12-002

Alaska Sea's & Coasts (Volume 5: Changing climate: changing Alaska's fisheries? May 2008) AKU-N-08-01a

Faces of climate change (3 short online videos). AKU-V-11-001

Adapting to climate change in Alaska (online video). AKU-V-11-002

Resiliency of gadid stocks to fishing and climate change. AKU-W-06-005

Biology and Management of Exploited Crab Populations under Climate Change AKU-W-09-004

Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change. AKU-W-13-001

California Sea Grant

Sea slugs as brilliant indicators of climate change in central California CASG-G-11-007

Predicting the effects of climate change on the size and frequency of floods in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley CASG-G-11-019

Climate change and tidal marsh plant communities in the San Francisco Bay-Delta CASG-G-12-008

Marine ecosystems, climate and phenology: introduction. CASG-R-09-029

Winter pre-conditioning of seabird phenology in the California Current. CASG-R-09-031

Connecticut Sea Grant

Wrack Lines (Volume 10, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2010): special climate change issue. CONN-O-10-002

Wrack Lines (Volume 13, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2013): ..adapting to realities of climate change CONN-O-13-002

Cost-efficient climate change adaptation in the North Atlantic CONN-S-13-001

Delaware Sea Grant

Sea-level rise: how could a potential rise in sea level due to global warming affect Delaware? DELU-G-91-006

The City of Lewes Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Action Plan: a community guide developed to improve public safety, minimize losses and create greater city-wide resilience DELU-H-11-002

Natural Hazard and Climate Change Adaptation Tool Kit for Delaware Communities DELU-H-14-001

Delaware City Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Action Plan: a community guide developed to improve public safety, minimize losses and create greater city-wide resilience DELU-H-14-002

Responsive management: Delaware residents’ opinions on climate change and sea level rise (2014 survey report) DELU-S-14-001

Climate change and sea level rise: Delawareans say they are convinced and ready to act DELU-S-15-001

Wind Power: Addressing Wildlife Impacts, Assessing Effects on Tourism, and Examining the Link Between Climate Change Perceptions and Support DELU-Y-10-001

Student understanding of climate change: influences of college major and environmental group membership on undergraduate knowledge and mental models DELU-Y-13-002

Florida Sea Grant

Effects of climate change on the eutrophication of lakes and estuaries FLSGP-G-12-004

Climate change and the occurrence of harmful microorganisms in Florida’s ocean and coastal waters FLSGP-G-15-009

Climate change and ecosystem services of Florida’s largest water body: Lake Okeechobee FLSGP-G-15-010

Climate change: Effects on salinity in Florida’s estuaries and responses of oysters, seagrass, and other animal and plant life FLSGP-G-15-013

Hydrology of the Everglades in the Context of Climate Change FLSGP-W-12-005

Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant

2012 Gulf Coast climate change survey executive summary GOMSG-S-12-001

Hawaii Sea Grant

Future climate change: impact on Pacific islands and resources HAWAU-E-09-001

Center for Island Climate Adaptation and Policy. HAWAU-G-09-002

Hawai'is changing climate: briefing sheet, 2010. HAWAU-G-10-001

Ka Pili Kai (Volume 36, Number 3, Fall 2014): Coastal Hazards, Climate Change, and Community Resilience HAWAU-N-14-01c

Climate change and the visitor industry: People, place, culture, and the Hawaii experience HAWAU-S-13-003

Climate change and the visitor industry people, place, culture, and the Hawaii experience: Stakeholder outreach workshop summaries and risk perception analysis HAWAU-S-13-004

Kaua'i climate change and coastal hazards assessment HAWAU-S-14-001

Climate change, water resources, and sustainability in the Pacific Basin: emphasis on Oahu, Hawaii and Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. HAWAU-T-06-001

Climate change in the federated states of Micronesia: food and water security, climate risk management, and adaptive strategies: executive summary 2010 HAWAU-T-10-002

Climate change in the federated states of Micronesia: food and water security, climate risk management, and adaptive strategies: report of findings 2010 HAWAU-T-10-003

Climate change in the federated states of Micronesia: Food and water security, climate risk management, and adaptive strategies: Appendices 2010 HAWAU-T-10-004

Asia-Pacific regional climate change adaptation assessment: final report: findings and recommendations HAWAU-T-10-006

Climate change and regulatory takings in coastal Hawaii. HAWAU-T-11-003

Water resources and climate change adaption in Hawai'i: adaptive tools in the current law and policy framework HAWAU-T-12-002

Future climate change, sea-level rise, and ocean acidification: Implications for Hawaii and western fisheries management HAWAU-T-12-006

Climate change implications and adaptation strategies for the Indo- Pacific Island nations: workshop proceedings HAWAU-W-94-001

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Sustainable land use: impact on climate change and health ILIN-G-09-002

Climate change: are you preparing for it? ILIN-G-10-004

Climate change: how will you manage stormwater runoff? ILIN-G-11-001

Climate change: where does it fit in your future plans? ILIN-G-11-002

Climate change: how will you manage your water resources? ILIN-G-11-003

Quantifying the impact of land cover change and of climate change on floods in Northeastern Illinois ILIN-S-07-001

Primary impacts of climate change in the Chicago region (Climate Adaptation Toolkit Appendix A) ILIN-S-13-003; see related documents in the Climate Adaptation Toolkit here

Lake Champlain Sea Grant

Climate change resources for teachers & students: Learn the science, understand the change and take action LCSG-E-12-001

Louisiana Sea Grant

What is not cool about the current climate warming? A guide to assist the teaching of climate change in K-12 grades. LSU-E-16-003

Fact or fiction: global warming. LSU-G-94-005

Horticulture in a can: improving student grades and attitudes toward the environment. LSU-I-05-002

Coastal Louisiana: Adaptive Capacity in the Face of Climate Change LSU-Y-16-002

Maine Sea Grant

Maine Climate News

Maine's climate future: coastal vulnerability to sea-level rise. MEU-G-10-001

Climate Solutions Mapping Project MEU-I-15-001

Catalog of climate change investment opportunities: programs and projects in Maine. MEU-Q-08-001

A numerical flow model of the Taku Glacier, Alaska. MEU-T-89-001

Maine's climate future: an initial assessment. MEU-T-09-001

Maine's climate future: 2015 update MEU-T-15-002

Promoting climate change awareness and adaptive planning in Atlantic fisheries communities using dialogue-based participatory vulnerability analysis, mapping, and collaborative systems dynamic modeling MEU-T-15-008

Building a resilient coast: Maine confronts climate change (Five part documentary online video) MEU-V-10-002

A climate calamity in the Gulf of Maine: the lobster pot heats up MEU-V-15-008

Maryland Sea Grant

Before the next flood: contending with climate change on Maryland's eastern shore. MDU-NR-11-001

Chesapeake Quarterly (Vol. 5, No. 3, Nov. 2006): global warming and the Bay. MDU-O-06-002

Chesapeake Quarterly (Volume 9, Number 4, December 2010): Ready for Rising Waters? MDU-O-10-004

Forecasting sea level rise for Maryland (online video). MDU-V-13-001

Workshop on coral bleaching, coral reef ecosystes and global change: report of proceedings. MDU-W-91-001

Climate Forum I: Lost in translation. Linking climate science to local communities. MDU-W-12-001

Michigan Sea Grant

Climate Ready Great Lakes Module 1: What am I adapting to? Understanding the impacts of climate change in the Great Lakes. [Predicted Impacts of Climate Change] MICHU-E-10-004

Climate Ready Great Lakes Module 2: What is an adaptation plan? Developing a Climate Adaptation Plan: an overview of planning processes and strategies for climate change adaptation MICHU-E-10-005

Climate Ready Great Lakes Module 3: What tools are available to me? [Climate change adaptation tools available to Great Lakes communities as of January 1, 2011] MICHU-E-10-006

Great Lakes coastal wetlands. MICHU-G-94-003

Climate variability and climate change: what is the difference? MICHU-G-11-017

The link between climate change and the spread of invasive species MICHU-G-15-028

GLERL/Sea Grant: climate & climate change resources. MICHU-I-07-004

Climate change and lake whitefish project (website) MICHU-I-13-002

Helping marina and harbor operators respond to climate change (Final Report) MICHU-T-14-004

Impact of Climate Change on the Great Lakes Ecosystem: A NOAA Science Needs Assessment Workshop to Meet Emerging Challenges - Summary Report MICHU-W-08-001

Climate Ready Great Lakes (MS Thesis) MICHU-Y-11-001

Designing a Decision-support Tool for Harvest Management of Great Lakes Lake Whitefish in a Changing Climate MICHU-Y-13-001

Minnesota Sea Grant

Great Lakes shipping: fuel consumption and climate change. MINNU-G-09-001

Climate change in Minnesota and the Lake Superior Basin MINNU-I-10-001

Take a minute: to learn about our changing climate (online video) MINNU-V-13-008

Superior science in 2 minutes: the climate it is a-changin' (online video) MINNU-V-13-017

The story after the storm: Post flood nutrients in Lake Superior and the St. Louis River Estuary (online video) MINNU-V-13-023

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant

Water Log (Volume 31, Number 1, February 2011): Climate change lawsuit heads to Supreme Court. MASGC-N-11-03a

Long term implications of sea level change for the Mississippi and Alabama coastlines. MASGC-W-90-001

MIT Sea Grant

Online climate change tools & resources. MIT-I-12-001

Results from a VCAPS planning workshop for extreme weather and climate change in New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts: Final report MIT-W-12-001

Results from participatory hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation planning workshops in Boston, Massachusetts MIT-W-12-002

Climate Change Symposium: Sustaining Coastal Cities MIT-W-14-001

National Sea Grant Office

Outreach and adaptive strategies for climate change: the role of NOAA Sea Grant Extension in engaging coastal residents and communities NSGO-G-08-001

National Sea Grant Law Center

The Resilient Coast: policy frameworks for adapting the wetlands to climate change and growth in coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico NSGLC-H-07-001

The resilient coast: policy frameworks for adapting the built environment to climate change and growth to coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico NSGLC-H-07-002

New Hampshire Sea Grant

Climate change & fish populations. NHU-G-10-001

New Hampshire's climate: past and future changes NHU-G-12-003

New Hampshire Sea Grant: establishing a community-based climate ocean observing system in N.H. NHU-G-15-001

Clam gene expression and climate change NHU-G-16-001

Sustaining champions of climate adaptation in coastal communities: a northern New England study NHU-S-14-002

New York Sea Grant

Using Future Scenarios to Identify Potential LAMP and Watershed Planning Measures for Climate Change Adaptation along Lake Ontario: Stakeholder Generated Recommendations  — A Report for Lake and Watershed Planners NYSGI-W-15-001

North Carolina Sea Grant

Project WILD Curriculum: Weather, Wildlife, Climate, & Change NCU-E-15-001: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, and Lesson 4

"Win-win" climate change adaptation strategies: lessons learned from Sea Grant coastal processes and hazards programming NCU-T-12-002

EcoStream: Stream Ecology and Restoration Conference: Adapting to a Changing Climate NCU-W-14-004

Ohio Sea Grant

OSU Climate Change Webinar Series. Visit site

How will climate change affect a Great Lakes State? (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide) OHSU-E-12-001

Climate change and aquatic invaders (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-002

Greenhouse gases (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-003

Visualizing changes in the Great Lakes (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-004

Global and Great Lakes climate change (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide). OHSU-E-12-005

Trees on the move: can maples and buckeyes migrate? (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide). OHSU-E-12-006

How do energy use decisions influence global climate change? Cars on trial (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-007

Great Lakes climate change curriculum OHSU-E-13-001

Climate Ready Ohio Module 1, 2, and 3 OHSU-E-13-002

Yellow perch and climate change: How will a changing climate affect Lake Erie yellow perch? OHSU-E-13-012

Global change in the Great Lakes. OHSU-G-92-005

IAGLR: The Great Lakes at a crossroads: preparing for a changing climate OHSU-G-09-006

Climate change and public health in the Great Lakes region. OHSU-G-10-009

Great Lakes climate needs: A Guide for implementation OHSU-H-13-002

Ohio State University's climate change outreach team's website OHSU-I-10-003

Influence of textual hedging and framing variations on decision making choices pertaining to the climate change issue OHSU-Y-01-004

OSU Climate Change Webinar Series. Visit site

Oregon Sea Grant

Delaware tourism resilience: Business and community response, recovery, and adaptation to natural hazards and climate change. DELU-S-17-001

Regional framework for climate adaptation: Clatsop and Tillamook Counties ORESU-H-15-003

Communicating climate change: podcast conversations with social scientists. ORESU-I-08-002

Confluence (Volume 3, Number 1, Summer 2014): Coping with climate change: how Oregon Sea Grant is helping coastal communities respond to the challenges. ORESU-O-14-001

NOAA Sea Grant and climate change: helping the nation prepare. ORESU-Q-10-002

Impacts of climate change on Oregon's coasts and estuaries. ORESU-R-10-021

Human dimensions of climate change: public knowledge, attitudes, and barriers to change; impacts on cultural and built environment; and potential public health impacts. ORESU-R-10-022

An analysis of a survey of Oregon Coast decision makers regarding climate change. ORESU-S-09-001

Coastal climate change: survey results for Oregon 2012. ORESU-S-13-001

Responding to the effects of coastal climate change: results of a national Sea Grant survey ORESU-S-14-001

Oregon Sea Grant - POORT community engagement on climate change: Port Orford Pilot Project interim report ORESU-T-10-001

Decision making about climate change ORESU-V-11-017

Effectively communicating climate change ORESU-V-11-018

Understanding climate change ORESU-V-11-019

Coastal climate change: how soon do we have to think differently? ORESU-V-15-002

Coastal climate change: how should we adapt? ORESU-V-15-003

Coastal climate change: community resilience: the Neskowin case ORESU-V-15-004

Coastal resilience: assisting communities in the face of climate change ORESU-W-10-001

Working group considers effects of a changing climate: a report to the Port Orford community ORESU-W-10-002

Climate change adaptation: information needs, concerns, and behavioral intentions among Oregon coast professionals ORESU-Y-09-003

Assessing physical vulnerability of the coast in light of a changing climate: an integrated, multi-hazard, multi-timescale approach

Coastal hazards and community exposure in a changing climate: the development of probabilistic coastal change hazard zones ORESU-Y-11-006

Coupled wave and surge modeling of Tillamook Bay, Oregon: Extreme events and climate change impacts ORESU-Y-14-004

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

The City of Chester Vision 2020: Climate Adaptation Planning Elements PENN-T-14-001

Puerto Rico Sea Grant

Marejada (Volume 1, Number 1, September 2007): cambio climatico: Puerto Rico ante el calentamiento global. PRU-O-07-001

Rhode Island Sea Grant

Coastal preservation and transferred development rights. RIU-G-10-008

Climate change in Rhode Island: what's happening now & what you can do. RIU-G-11-002

Climate change adaptation in North Kingstown, RI RIU-G-13-006

Habitat Conservation in the Era of Climate Change RIU-G-13-008

Resilient communities: Natural hazards & climage change adaptation RIU-H-15-001

Rhode Island's Climate Challenge: Waves of Change (website): RIU-I-14-001

Are Rhode Islanders ready? Assessing individual climate change preparedness RIU-S-14-001

Climate Change & Rhode Island Coasts: Past, Present & Future 2012 RIU-T-12-001

Increasing infrastructure's resiliency to global climate change effects: seeking non-traditional federal partnerships in Rhode Island's coastal beach zonesORESU-T-12-002

Municipal responses to a changing climate in the coastal zone of the Northeast and Bay of Fundy ORESU-T-12-006

Building capacity to adapt to climate change through local conservation efforts RIU-T-13-001

Climate and global change education plan RIU-W-91-001

Staying Afloat: Adapting Waterfront Business to Rising Seas and Extreme Storms RIU-W-14-001

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

Coastal Heritage Curriculum Connection, Summer 2007: Will Climate Change Devastate Coastal Property Insurance? SCSGC-E-07-003

Coastal Heritage Curriculum Connection, Spring/Summer 2013: Climate Change and Extreme Weather SCSGC-E-13-002 (Companion to Coastal Heritage, Vol. 27, No. 3, 2013)

Climate change impacts...what you can do SCSGC-G-09-001

Climate change: the local effects in coastal South Carolina SCSGC-G-14-001

Climate change and ocean health (Coastal Heritage 23:1, Summer 2008) SCSGC-O-08-003

Coastal Heritage (Volume 27, Number 3, Spring/Summer 2013): Climate Change and Extreme Weather SCSGC-O-13-002

State-level climate change policy: a research report SCSGC-T-94-001

Climate change: planning ahead for South Carolina. SCSGC-W-90-001

Southern California Sea Grant

Global heartbeat website. SCU-I-06-001

Urban mariner (Vol. 3, No. 1): Our changing climate: learning and adapting. SCU-N-11-01a

Texas Sea Grant

NCA Education Resources for the Coasts TAMU-E-14-004

CA Education Resources for Oceans and Marine Resources TAMU-E-14-005

The resilient coast: policy frameworks for adapting the wetlands to climate change and growth in coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico TAMU-H-07-001

The resilient coast: policy frameworks for adapting the built environment to climate change and growth in coastal areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico TAMU-H-07-002

Virginia Sea Grant

Climate change impacts in Virginia: a natural resource database VSGCP-I-11-001

Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program VSGCP-G-15-011

Building resilience to change: developing climate adaptation strategies for Virginia's Middle Peninsula VSGCP-T-12-002

Assessing the impact of climate change on proposed restoration of the Lynnhaven River ecosystem VSGCP-Y-15-003

Washington Sea Grant

Planning for change: climate adaptation survey results, Washington State, 2014 WASHU-S-14-001

Climate change and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: interpreting potential futures WASHU-T-13-003

Climate change preparedness plan for the North Olympic Peninsula WASHU-T-15-004

Ocean acidification and disease: How will a changing climate impact Vibrio tubiashii growth and pathogenicity to Pacific oyster larvae? WASHU-Y-12-004

Wisconsin Sea Grant Consortium

Climate change implications and adaptation strategies for Great Lakes ports, harbors and marinas. WISCU-G-12-005

Great Lakes coastal community climate adaptation checklist WISCU-G-13-002

Comments from Cancun [Mexico] 2010 (video) WISCU-V-10-006

Climate change in the Great Lakes region. Starting a public discussion.WISCU-W-07-001(summary report); Seminar documents; WISCU-I-07-002