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Coral Reefs

The following Sea Grant digital documents are arranged by Sea Grant Program. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number. Please view our Conditions of Use clause prior to downloading electronic documents.

Please visit our Online Catalog for additional titles on this topic. Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.


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California Sea Grant

Global trajectories of the long-term decline of coral reef ecosystems. CUIMR-R-03-018

Planktivorous fish link coral reef and oceanic food webs: causes and consequences of landscape-scale patterns in fish behavior, diet and growth CASG-Y-11-019

Connecticut Sea Grant

Sustainable livelihoods and an ecosystem approach to fisheries management CONN-H-13-001

Toward ecosystem-based coastal areas and fisheries management in the Coral Triangle: integrated strategies and guidance CONN-H-13-002

Ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) guidelines CONN-H-13-003

Incorporating climate and ocean change into an ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) plan CONN-H-13-004

Delaware Sea Grant

Measuring the recreational value of changes in coral reef ecosystem quality in Jamaica: the application of two stated preference methods DELU-Y-09-005

Florida Sea Grant

Protecting Florida's environment. FLSGP-G-91-001

Are native and nonindigenous seaweeds overgrowing Florida's east coast reefs? FLSGP-G-01-015

Coral reef and hard-bottom habitats: Marine and estuarine goal setting for South Florida FLSGP-G-12-007

Florida coastal environmental resources: a guide to economic valuation and impact analysis. FLSGP-H-02-002

Guidelines and management practices for artificial reef siting, use, construction and anchoring in southeast Florida FLSGP-H-11-003

Effects of piscivorous predator removal on coral reef fish community structure. FLSGP-R-81-010

Effects of turbidity on the photosynthesis and respiration of two south Florida reef coral species. FLSGP-X-94-003

Local, regional and global biogeochemical linkages to the physiological ecology of macroalgae on coral reef communities near Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Cays, Bahamas. FLSGP-X-01-009

Non-consumptive effects of predators in coral reef communities and the indirect consequences of marine protected areas FLSGP-Y-14-007

Using participatory decision support to improve coral reef management FLSGP-Y-14-018

Characterization of symbiotic algae, genus Symbiodinium, in corals at St. Lucie reef, Florida FLSGP-Y-14-024

Hawaii Sea Grant

Atlas of Kaneohe Bay: a reef ecosystem under stress. HAWAU-C-73-001

The coral reef & coastal erosion (poster). HAWAU-G-99-008

Farming soft corals for the marine aquarium trade. HAWAU-G-99-012

Ka Pili Kai (27:2, Summer 2005): Protecting our coral reefs. HAWAU-O-05-003

Reef ecosystem education the Big Island way. HAWAU-O-05-004 (Ka Pili Kai 27:3, p. 12-13)

Education at the Hanauma Bay nature preserve. HAWAU-O-05-004 (Ka Pili Ka 27:3, p. 14-15)

A literature review of the effects of sand removal on a coral reef community. HAWAU-T-70-007

Coral transplantation: a method to create, preserve, and manage coral reefs. HAWAU-T-74-005

Papers and comments on tropical reef fish. HAWAU-T-78-005

Chemical stoichiometry of lagoonal metabolism: preliminary report on an environmental chemistry survey of Christmas Island, Kiribati. HAWAU-T-83-003

Coral reef population biology. HAWAU-T-86-004

Republic of the Marshall Islands Coral Bleaching Report HAWAU-T-14-001

Social considerations in precious coral mining in Hawaii. HAWAU-W-76-001 (pp. 67-73)

Proceedings of the seminar/workshop on Utilization and Management of Inshore Marine Ecosystems of the Tropical Pacific Islands. HAWAU-W-79-002

Environmental Survey Techniques for Coastal Water Assessment conference proceedings. HAWAU-W-80-001

Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Student Symposium on MarineAffairs. HAWAU-W-80-002

Proceedings of the Symposium on Status of Resource Investigations in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. HAWAU-W-80-004

Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Resource Investigations in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. HAWAU-W-83-002

Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Resource investigations in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: Volume 2. HAWAU-W-83-003

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). HAWAU-W-92-001

Coral reef islands in a period of global sea level rise. HAWAU-W-92-002 (p. 453-462)

Ultraviolet radiation and coral reefs. HAWAU-W-94-005

Status of coral reefs in the Pacific. HAWAU-W-97-001

Proceedings of the AnnualUundergraduate Research Program Summer 1997. HAWAU-W-97-003

Proceedings of the Marine Ornamemtals '99: Collection, Culture, Conservation.. HAWAU-W-99-003 (related document)

Trophic relationships of piscivorous coral reef fishes from the Northwestern Hawaiian islands. HAWAU-Y-85-007

Browsing patterns of herbivorous fishes in a "Halodule uninervis" seagrass bed of a Pacific island coral reef (Guam, Micronesia). HAWAU-Y-86-002

The development of proactive monitoring tools for coral reef management HAWAU-Y-08-001

Maryland Sea Grant

Workshop on coral bleaching, coral reef ecosystems and global change: report of proceedings. MDU-W-91-001

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant

President George W. Bush establishes Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. MASGC-G-06-006

New legislation proposed for coral reef protection. MASGC-N-07-04f (Gulf Coast Fisherman, June 1, 2007)

Vessel monitoring system requirement for Gulf of Mexico reef fish fishery delayed until May 6, 2007. MASGC-N-07-04d (Gulf Coast Fisherman, April 1, 2007)

Oregon Sea Grant

Response of reef fish assemblages to overgrowth of the hydrocoral Millepora complanata by the crustose alga Ramicrusta sp ORESU-Y-10-015

Puerto Rico Sea Grant

Encuentro con el mar (Spanish only). PRU-E-01-001

Los arrecifes de coral (Spanish only). PRU-E-05-001

Manual de actividades pedagogicas: Los arrecifes de coral (Spanish only). PRU-E-05-002

Los arrecifes de coral (second edition) PRU-E-11-001

Clean roads, clean reefs. PRU-G-93-010

You can help protect our corals. PRU-G-93-011

Marine Ecosystem of La Cordillera Coral Reefs Natural Reserve / Ecosistema Marino de la Reserva Natural Arrecifes de la Cordillera (map) PRU-M-15-001

Seasonal abundance of "Gambierdiscus toxicus" and "Ostreopsis" sp. in coastal waters of southwest Puerto Rico. PRU-R-85-006

Reproductive biology and ecology of some Caribbean corals. PRU-T-99-004

Taxonomic structure and distribution of reef fish larvae across a neritic oceanic gradient off La Parguera, Puerto Rico. PRU-T-00-001

Quantitative assessment of nursery habitats for fishery stock enhancement. PRU-T-04-001

Proceedings: Caribbean Regional Workshop on Coral Reef Fisheries Management: collaboration on successful management, enforcement and education methods. PRU-W-02-001

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

The visual assessment of fish populations in the Southeastern United States: 1982 workshop. SCSGC-W-82-002

Texas Sea Grant

Captive rearing of fire shrimp (Lysmata debelius). TAMU-G-01-003

Virginia Sea Grant

Conch Reef Expedition 2009 blog VSGCP-I-09-002

Corals in the classroom and corals this summer VSGCP-NR-09-011

Coral Snapshots VSGCP-NR-09-013

Woods Hole Sea Grant

Behavioral ecology of coral reef fishes at spawning aggregation sites. WHOI-Y-98-004

Other helpful links:

Coral Reef Conservation Program

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