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Digital Libraries: Diving Safety

The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by title. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number. Please view our Conditions of Use clause prior to downloading electronic documents.

Please visit our Online Catalog for additional titles on this topic. Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.


Alaska diving safety. AKU-W-97-001

Bubble trouble: diving disease, prevention and emergency responses. HAWAU-G-92-001

Diver education series: a portable diving system for search & rescue, scientific, and commercial divers. MICHU-T-87-004

Diver education series: buoyancy and the scuba diver. MICHU-T-86-012

Diver education series: drinking and diving. MICHU-T-86-010

Diver education series: introduction to scuba diving. MICHU-T-86-011

Diver education series: oceanography for divers: hazardous marine life. MICHU-T-86-013

Diver education series: oceanography for divers: nearshore hydrographic survey using divers. MICHU-T-87-002

Diver education series: oceanography for divers: waves, tides, and currents. MICHU-T-86-005

Diver education series: physiology of breath-hold diving. MICHU-T-86-004

Diver education series: recordkeeping for divers. MICHU-T-86-003

Diver education series: respiration and the diver. MICHU-T-86-006

Diver education series: selecting a scuba diving buddy. MICHU-G-92-008

Diver education series: tethered scuba diving. MICHU-T-87-003

Diver education series: the diver's knife. MICHU-T-86-009

Diver education series: the first responder. MICHU-T-86-014

Diver education series: thermal stress and the diver. MICHU-T-86-007

Diver education series: under ice scuba diving. MICHU-T-86-008

Diving for science 1989. WHOI-W-89-004

Diving for science 1990. FLSGP-W-90-003

Diving for science 1992. NCU-W-92-003

Diving for science 2008. CONN-W-08-002

Final report of the workshop on scientific shipboard diving safety. RIU-W-90-001

Fuete y Verguilla (August 2002). PRU-N-12-07c

In case of a diving accident: emergency consultation. SCSGC-G-85-009

Man in the sea Volume I. HAWAU-W-88-002 (copyright protected--see NSGL for loan)

Man in the sea Volume II. HAWAU-W-88-003 (copyright protected--see NSGL for loan)

Management of injuries caused by marine organisms. MICHU-T-79-007

Microbial hazards of diving in polluted waters. MDU-W-82-001

Passport to sport diving in New Hampshire. NHU-G-89-001

Scientific blue-water diving.CASG-H-05-001

Scientific diving: a general code of practice. FLSGP-T-90-006

Scuba diving. SCSGC-G-85-006

Scuba safety. LSU-G-93-015

Shallow-water diving accidents at southern California ocean beaches. SCU-T-87-001

Standards for scientific diving certification, operation of scientific diving programs, and boating safety manual. MDU-H-08-001

The physiology of breath-hold diving. NYSGI-W-85-001

The University of Michigan manual of safe practices for scientific/academic scuba diving. MICHU-H-80-001