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The following Sea Grant documents related to marine curricula are arranged alphabetically by NSGL document number. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. Please view our Conditions of Use clause prior to downloading electronic documents.

Please visit our Online Catalog for additional titles on this topic. Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

Related Sites

The Bridge (Teacher resource center)


Discovery: an introduction (kindergarten). AKU-E-83-001

Fish and fisheries, Grade 5. AKU-E-83-002

Shells and insects, Grade 2. AKU-E-84-001

Marine mammals, coastal and river issues, grade 6. AKU-E-84-002

Animals of the seas and wetlands, grade 1. AKU-E-85-001

Birds and wetlands of Alaska, Grade 4. AKU-E-88-001

Outdoor survival training for Alaska's youth: instructor manual. AKU-E-93-001

Outdoor survival training for Alaska's youth: student manual. AKU-E-93-002

TLINGIT: moon & tide teaching resource: elementary level. AKU-E-99-001

Survivor! Surviving outdoor adventures, Volume 1, Grades K-2. AKU-E-02-001

Cold water safety and survival, surviving outdoor adventures, Volume 2, Grades 3-12. AKU-E-02-002

Land safety and survival, surviving outdoor adventures, Volume 3, Grades 3-12. AKU-E-02-003

Small boat safety and survival, surviving outdoor adventures, Volume 4, Grades 3-12. AKU-E-02-004

Alaska seas and rivers curriculum. AKU-E-08-001

Sound facts: fun facts about Long Island Sound. CONN-E-97-001

Long Island Sound in a jar. CONN-E-99-001

A catalog of curriculum materials for marine environment studies. DELU-E-77-001

Extreme 2000 Voyage to the Deep. DELU-E-00-002

Extreme 2002 Curriculum Guide & Framework. DELU-E-02-002

Resources for marine educators. FLSGP-E-00-002

Coastal Florida Adpot-a-Wetland curriculum guide for grades 3-12. FLSGP-E-15-002

One in a thousand: Those amazing sea turtles (5th grade curriculum). FLSGP-E-16-001

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training curriculum (6th edition). FLSGP-E-17-001

Marine debris and me: a web-accessible marine debris curriculum. GAUS-E-09-001

Maritime forest scavenger hunt cards. GAUS-E-09-002

Mercury pollution: source to system. GAUS-E-11-008

Remote sensing, impervious surfaces, and the salt marsh (grades 9-12). GAUS-E-11-009

Georgia's amazing coast: teacher resources and lesson plans (grades 3-5). GAUS-E-12-001

Teacher research: The Georgia Shore Program improving teacher quality grant. GAUS-E-14-004

Middle school and high school marine debris lessons plans. Marine Debris, Plastics in the Ocean, Assessing your Watershed, Making it Disappear, Shout it Out!

Pathfinder teaching and learning units. HAWAU-E-01-001

Ocean Learning Program: an integrated curriculum in ocean challenge, science & technology. HAWAU-E-01-002

Project Kahea Loko "The Call of the Pond": a teacher's guide to Hawaiian fishponds grades 4-12. HAWAU-E-03-001

Community stewardship projects on exotic aquatic species. ILIN-E-01-002

ESCAPE (Exotic Species Compendium of Activities to Protect the Ecosystem). ILIN-E-01-001 (for listing of 36 activities--full package may be borrowed from NSGL).

ESCAPE game set (Rival for survival; Beat the barriers: a sea lamprey game). ILIN-E-01-003

Biological control of purple loosetrife: 4-H leader's guide (experiential learning activities) ILIN-E-01-004

Biological control of purple loosestrife: 4-H manual (experiential learning activities) ILIN-E-01-005

The medicine chest: a collection of safe disposal curriculum activities and service-learning resources. ILIN-E-10-001

Sensible disposal of unwanted medicines. ILIN-E-10-002

Fresh and salt: a curriculum integrating ocean and Great Lakes literacy principles.ILIN-E-11-001

Aquatic invasive species curriculum and guidance on how to develop an Aquatic Invasive species community stewardship project. ILIN-E-12-001

Helping hands: restoration for healthy habitats: a curriculum guide to revitalize Great Lakes area of concern. ILIN-E-13-001

The medicine chest: a collection of safe disposal curriculum, activities, and service learning resources (second edition). ILIN-E-15-003

Aquatic invasive species education resources from Sea Grant. ILIN-I-05-001

Climate change resources for teachers & students: Learn the science, understand the change and take action LCSG-E-12-001

Weather and climate grade 3 curriculum: a UVM Watershed Alliance Program. LCSG-E-17-001

A resource guide for environmental and marine science teachers. LSU-E-88-001

Lafourche Parish coastal zone curriculum resource unit. LSU-E-88-002

Wetland activities: food chain, food web, energy flow. LSU-E-92-001

Project Tellus: interactive video lessons for middle school students on global change issues related to the Gulf of Mexico region. LSU-E-96-001

Scalar's Scope-On-A-Rope how-to book. LSU-E-00-001

SeaScope aquatic activitiy folios (Looking for ol'crustry; Trailing the snail; Secrets of sand; Mosquitoes: their place on the planet. LSU-E-00-002

Stop zebra mussels: curriculum guide for grades 5 and 6. MASGC-E-97-001

Exploring an estuary: where rivers meet the sea. MASGC-E-01-001

Nonindigenous species activities for youth. MASGC-E-02-001

Marine education: a bibliography of educational materials available from the Nation's Sea Grant programs. MASGC-L-94-001

Teacher training/student enrichment: project Sea Oats. MASGC-R-92-014

Do you know our marine fish? MEU-E-82-001

What are the ABC's of marine education? MEU-E-82-002

What is our coastal future? MEU-E-82-003

A teacher's guide to the whales of the Gulf of Maine. MEU-E-84-001

Do you know our marine algae? MEU-E-84-003

Aquaculture in Maine: a curriculum guide for secondary school teachers. MEU-E-97-001

Wetlands affect you and me (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-002

Wetlands: leader/teacher guide (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-003

Water (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-004

Water: leader/teacher guide (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-005

Fishing for fun (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-006

Fishing for fun: leader/teacher guide (4-H marine science project). MICHU-E-79-007

Guide to projects and activities for the 4-H Great Lakes Heritage Program. MICHU-E-79-008

Investigating the Great Lakes environment Unit Two: Great Lakes fishing in transition (interdisciplinary activities for Grades 6-8). MICHU-E-84-001

FLOW: Fisheries Learning on the Web Unit 1: food web overview. MICHU-E-08-004

FLOW: Fisheries Learning on the Web Unit 2: water overview. MICHU-E-08-005

FLOW: Fisheries Learning on the Web Unit 3: fish overview. MICHU-E-08-006

An introduction to Michigan watersheds for teachers, students and residents. MICHU-E-12-001

The "marinated" classroom: a sourcebook of aquatic activities for the elementary classroom. MINNU-E-82-001

The "marinated" classroom: a sourcebook of aquatic activities for the secondary classroom. MINNU-E-82-002

The Lake Game for adults. MINNU-E-91-001

The Lake Game: youth. MINNU-E-91-002

The Lake Superior Game. MINNU-E-91-003

Exotic aquatics: learning resource kit. MINNU-E-95-001

The Lake Game for people who care about lakes. MINNU-E-98-001

Water on the web: integrating real-time data into educational curricula over the internet. MINNU-E-99-001

Marine aquaculture: raising saltwater fish in your classroom (teacher edition). MIT-E-01-001

Marine aquaculture: raising saltwater fish in your classroom (student workbook). MIT-E-01-002

Sea Perch College Program: a hands-on introductory course. MIT-E-08-001; Sea Perch website

Sea Perch: integrating ocean exploration into the classroom. MIT-E-08-002; Sea Perch website

Coastal capers: a marine education primer. NCU-E-84-001

Coastal geology: North Carolina marine education manual. NCU-E-89-001

S.E.A. Lab: science experiments and activities. NCU-E-90-001

Ripples: a big sweep elementary activity guide. NCU-E-90-002

Splish splash: a big sweep aquatic primer. NCU-E-92-001

Project WILD Curriculum: Weather, Wildlife, Climate, & Change. NCU-E-15-001 Lesson 1; Lesson 2; Lesson 3; Lesson 4

Go with the FLOW curriculum (middletown school students 6-8). NCU-E-17-003

The floating lab resource manual. NHU-E-83-001

Coastal issues: a wave of concern (a science and social studies curriculum for high school and junior high students). NHU-E-91-001

Great Bay living lab: a resource manual for teachers and students (Grades 7-12). NHU-E-91-002

The Lamprey River curriculum: a teacher-written, teacher-tested social studies curriculum with a science component for elementary school students. NHU-E-00-002

Where land meets the sea: exploring a coast activity book 3-4 grade. NJMSC-E-82-001

Where land meets the sea: exploring a coast activity book 5-6 grade. NJMSC-E-82-002

4-H marine science project: leaders guide. NJMSC-E-87-001

New Jersey Sea Grant education and outreach program zebra mussel curriculum supplement. NJMSC-E-95-001

The biology of the Hudson-Raritan Estuary: a teachers guide. NJMSC-E-97-002

Connecting to the standards through marine science. NJMSC-E-98-001

Protecting our watershed: curriculum unit for grades 6-9. NJMSC-E-00-001

The New York City waterfront: an interdisciplinary discovery curriculum. NYSGI-E-78-001

Sea Grant in New York: collecting trip. NYSGI-E-80-002

Wet worlds: explore the world of water. Marine and fresh water activities for the elementary classroom. NYSGI-E-83-001

Aquatic plants--another world. NYSGI-E-93-001

Long Island Sound environmental education activity kit. NYSGI-E-93-002

Marine science at work--case studies and youth action plans. NYSGI-E-95-001

Seafood science curriculum. NYSGI-E-17-001

Aquaculture curriculum. NYSGI-E-17-003

Marine and aquatic field trip guide to New York State. NYSGI-H-80-003

The effect of Lake Erie on Ohio's temperature. OHSU-E-80-001

Shipping on the Great Lakes (teacher guide). OHSU-E-82-008

Shipping: the world connection. OHSU-E-82-005

Erosion along the Great Lakes: teacher guide. OHSU-E-85-002

Evidence of ancient seas in Ohio. OHSU-E-85-003

The estuary: a special place (teacher guide). OHSU-E-85-004

Knowing the ropes (teacher guide). OHSU-E-85-005

Activities for marine & aquatic education. OHSU-E-86-001

Yellow perch in Lake Erie (teacher guide). OHSU-E-86-002

To harvest a walleye (teacher guide). OHSU-E-86-003

Ohio canals (teacher guide). OHSU-E-86-004

Ohio Sea Grant Education Program: development, implementation, evaluation. OHSU-E-87-001

Pollution in Lake Erie: an introduction (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-002

Oil spill (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-003

The Great Lakes triangle (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-004

Getting to know your local fish (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-005

A Great Lake vacation (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-006

Storm surges (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-007

River trek (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-008

Lake Erie...take a bow. OHSU-E-87-009

Lake a fish--to scale! OHSU-E-87-010

Lake Erie...a day in the life of a fish. OHSU-E-87-011

Shipping: the world connection (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-012

It's everyone's sea: or is it? (teacher guide) OHSU-E-87-013

Waves on the Great Lakes (teacher guide). OHSU-E-87-014

The effect of the Great Lakes on temperature (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-001

Ancient lake shores (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-002

How to protect a river (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-003

Coastal processes and erosion (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-004

Geography of the Great Lakes (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-005

We have met the enemy (teacher guide). OHSU-E-88-006

PCBs in fish: a problem? (teacher guide) OHSU-E-88-007

The effect of Lake Erie on climate (teacher guide). OHSU-E-90-001

Supplemental curriculum activities for use with Holling Clancy Holling's "Paddle-to-the-sea". OHSU-E-91-001

Lake layers: stratification (teacher guide). OHSU-E-91-002

Nutrients in the Great Lakes (teacher guide). OHSU-E-91-003

Eating like a bird (teacher guide). OHSU-E-91-004

Changing lake levels on the Great Lakes. OHSU-E-92-001

Great Lakes instructional materials for the changing earth system. OHSU-E-95-001

Environmental data and activities for teaching about the Great Lakes. OHSU-E-96-001

Life in the Great Lakes (Earth Systems--education activities for Great Lakes schools). OHSU-E-97-003

Lakers observe coastweeks: a manual of classroom & coastal activities for middle schools. OHSU-E-97-004

How will climate change affect a Great Lakes State? (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide) OHSU-E-12-001

Climate change and aquatic invaders (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-002

Greenhouse gases (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-003

Visualizing changes in the Great Lakes (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-004

Global and Great Lakes climate change (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide). OHSU-E-12-005

Trees on the move: can maples and buckeyes migrate? (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum, background and teacher guide). OHSU-E-12-006

How do energy use decisions influence global climate change? Cars on trial (Great Lakes Climate Change Curriculum). OHSU-E-12-007

Estuary values and changes. OHSU-E-12-009

Great Lakes climate change curriculum OHSU-E-13-001

How well do you know the Great Lakes? OHSU-E-13-005

How big is a crowd? (Background and teacher activity). OHSU-E-15-001

Solar technology curricula (Introduction). OHSU-E-17-002

The lore of South Slough Level III. ORESU-E-81-002

ABC book of water. ORESU-E-82-001

In search of the treasures of South Slough Level 1 - grades 4 and 5 (teacher's manual). ORESU-E-82-002

The secret of the medallion Level II - grade 6 (teacher's manual). ORESU-E-82-003

Estuary: an ecosystem and a resource: a reading guide for grades 9-12. ORESU-E-83-001

Estuary: an ecosystem and a resource (teacher's manual). ORESU-E-84-001

The Columbia River: its future and you (teacher's manual for grades 9-12). ORESU-E-85-002

The Columbia River: its future and you (teacher's manual for grades 5-8). ORESU-E-85-001

Gateway to the Pacific: the Columbia River (teacher's resource book grades 5-7). ORESU-E-86-001

Engineering solutions for sea lion research: a marine science and engineering curriculum (grades 6-12). ORESU-E-12-002

You're excluded! An activity exploring technology changes in the trawl industry. ORESU-E-13-002

Tsunami STEM curriculum. ORESU-E-13-003

Stone soup: invasive species cartooning teacher lesson plan. ORESU-E-13-005

Oregon coast STEM hub: marine debris STEAMSS. ORESU-E-15-003

Oregon Coast Education Program: Coastal Education Modules. ORESU-E-15-004

Water (curriculum for grades 4-8). ORESU-E-15-005

Migrating Microplastics: teacher lesson plans. ORESU-E-16-001

Curriculum merit checklist. ORESU-E-16-002

StreamWebs Field and classroom watershed investigation curriculum. ORESU-E-17-002

Environmental rediscoveries. PENN-E-01-001

Shipboard curriculum guide: Lake Erie Science. PENN-E-12-001

Great Lakes aquatic invasive species and climate change K-12 currirulum. PENN-E-14-001

Tips for teachers: clean your gear! Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in Pennsylvania. PENN-E-16-001

Los arrecifes de coral. PRU-E-05-001

Encuentro con el mar (Spanish only). PRU-E-10-001

Manual de actividades pedagogicas: Los arrecifes de coral. PRU-E-05-002

New England & the sea: a guide for teachers and students. RIU-E-72-002

Down where the water is: a coastal awareness activity book. RIU-E-72-003

Teacher's activity guide to coastal awareness. RIU-E-72-004

Environmental education field guide to Rhode Island. RIU-E-77-001

People and the sea: coastal life, a unit for 7th grade English classes. RIU-E-78-001

People and the sea: adventure at sea, a unit for 8th grade English classes. RIU-E-78-002

People and the sea: the relationship between people and the sea, a unit for 9th grade English classes. RIU-E-78-003

Curriculum digest for the training of United States fisheries observer corps Atlantic region. RIU-E-79-001

Narragansett Bay: a friend's perspective (teacher's guide grades 5-12). RIU-E-88-001

The educator's guide to marine debris: Southeast and Gulf of Mexico. SASG-E-09-001

The search and review of elementary marine education materials. SCSGC-E-82-001

Marsh classroom adventure. SCSGC-E-94-001

Sea sampler: aquatic activities for the field and classroom (elementary). SCSGC-E-85-001

Sea sampler: aquatic activities for the field and classroom (secondary). SCSGC-E-85-002

Marine studies idea book for teachers grades K-6. SCU-E-82-002

Tidepool animals: los animales que viven en Las Pozas de la marea (for teachers grades K-12; in English and Spanish) . SCU-E-82-003

Sharks and other sea creatures (for teachers grades K-12; in English and Spanish). SCU-E-82-004

Fantastic marine animals (for teachers grades K-12; in English and Spanish). SCU-E-82-005

Our undersea legacy: a curriculum resource for marine protected areas in southern California. SCU-E-14-001

It's only a little planet. TAMU-E-78-001

Children's literature--passage to the sea: a guide for teachers. TAMU-E-80-001

Marine organisms in science teaching (grades 4-12) TAMU-E-80-003

Fairy tales of the sea. (see NSGL for loan copy)

Fairy tales of the sea (teacher's guide). (see NSGL for loan copy)

Marine education: a seagoing educational experience. TAMU-E-82-001

Field trips...logistics is key to it all. TAMU-E-83-002

Evaluation of Texas A&M Sea Grant marine education materials. TAMU-E-84-001

Aquatic science marine fisheries biology 4-H member guide. TAMU-E-92-001

Sensing the sea (grades two-three). VIMS-E-78-001

Sensing the sea (kindergarten-grade one). VIMS-E-79-002

Fishy activities for your small fry: a unit plan in fish biology for kindergarten through sixth grades. VIMS-E-81-001

Nontraditional marine education activities: a planning guide. VIMS-E-82-001

Marine education field trip sites in Virginia. VIMS-E-83-001

Guide to the marine education materials system. VIMS-E1-78-001

Discover the Atlantic Ocean: an exciting coloring book of fish and shellfish. VPI-E-76-002

Seafood products: course lecture guide. VPI-E-78-001

101 bulletin board ideas for seafood education. VPI-E-79-001

Seafood products: teacher resource guide. VPI-E-81-001

4-H marine project unit one: what is water? VSGCP-E-84-001

4-H marine project unit two: a stream becomes an ocean. VSGCP-E-84-002

4-H marine project unit three: what is an ocean? VSGCP-E-84-003

4-H marine project unit four: marine resources. VSGCP-E-84-004

4-H marine project leader guide units one-four. VSGCP-E-85-002

Viriginia's state parks...your backyard classrooms (field activities grades K-12). VSGCP-E-90-001

Teacher's guide for using APT satellite imagery to teach science and math. VSGCP-E-91-001

Rally round! A guide to environmental action projects for grades 4-7. VSGCP-E-94-001

Invasion of an exotic species: stop the zebra mussel! Activities and resources for grades 8-12. VSGCP-E-94-002

Environmental education resources directory. VSGCP-E-94-003

Virginia coastal ecosystems field course: teachers & scientists exploring coastl change. VSGCP-E-14-001

The Sound: Puget Sound multimedia CD-ROM tutorial guide (to be used with CD-ROM, WASHU-C-97-001). WASHU-E-00-001

Ocean acidification curriculum collection. WASHU-E-14-003

Energy from the sea (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-001

Early fishing peoples of Puget Sound (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-002

Beaches (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-003

Literature and the sea (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-004

Beach profiles and transects (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-005

Tides (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-006

Tools of oceanography (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-79-007

Life cycle of the salmon (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-001

Waterbirds (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-002

Marine biology activities (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-003

American poetry and the sea (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-004

Whales (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-005

Marine biology field trip sites (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-80-006

High tide, low tide (ocean related curriculum activities). WASHU-E1-81-001

Environmental education. WASHU-E-99-001

All about oceanography: a fun-filled activity book. WHOI-E-92-002

Fish printing in the classroom. WHOI-E-01-001

Aquaculture curricula resource guide: a resource tool for the aquaculture educator. WHOI-E-01-003

Earthwatching: an environmental reader with teacher's guide. WISCU-E-90-001