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The following Sea Grant documents are arranged by NSGL document number within each geographic region. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number.

Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

For additional information related to hazards please refer to the HazNet website.


Caribbean Islands | Great Lakes | Gulf | Mid-Atlantic | Northeast | Northwest | Southeast | Southwest

Caribbean Islands

Planning for coastline change: guidelines for construction setbacks in the eastern Caribbean Islands. PRU-H-97-001

Coping with beach erosion. PRU-H-98-001

Coast and beach stability in the Caribbean Islands. PRU-Q-98-001

Managing beach resources in the smaller Caribbean Islands. PRU-W-96-001

Great Lakes

Shoreline erosion: questions and answers. MICHU-G-77-002

Bluff slumping & stability. MICHU-H-82-001

Vegetation and its role in reducing Great Lakes shoreline erosion. MICHU-H-88-001

Identifying your shoreline erosion problems. OHSU-G-82-002

Municipal assistance in financing a group erosion abatement project. OHSU-G-86-003

Questions to ask "before" you buy Great Lakes shoreline property. OHSU-G-87-007

Lake Erie shore erosion. OHSU-G-89-003

Tips for shoreline protection structure construction and maintenance. OHSU-G-89-009

Permits required for lake erosion abatement works. OHSU-G-89-010

Beaches are shore protection. OHSU-G-89-012

Coastal erosion and the residential property market. OSHU-G-89-013

Erosion abatement tips, assessment, and assistance. OHSU-G-91-010

Guide to Lake Erie bluff stabilization. OHSU-H-84-001

Development of flood warning system and flood inundation mapping using field survey and LiDAR data for the Grand River near the City of Painesville, Ohio. OHSU-R-17-003

Impact of flood and erosion damage on the northern Ohio economy, 1972-1976. OHSU-T-88-001

An economic analysis of the role of shoreline erosion in Ohio's residential housing market. OHSU-Y-88-004

An assessment of the economic effects of shoreline erosion control in the Lake Erie zone's residential housing market. OHSU-Y-92-001

Prediction of travel time and development of flood inundation maps for flood warning system including ice jam scenario: a case study of the Grand River, Ohio. OHSU-Y-16-002

How to use fill material in stabilizing shoreline bluffs or banks. WISCU-H-86-001

Coastal processes manual. A Training manual for evaluating coastal property. WISCU-H-87-001

Coastal processes workbook. Evaluating the risks of flooding and erosion for Great Lakes coastal property. WISCU-H-87-002

Aquatic Sciences Chronice (Winter 2010): groundwater on the rise. WISCU-N-10-01a

Confronting coastal erosion and flooding (video). WISCU-V-16-007


Land loss, its regional impacts. COSOC-W-86-002 p. 659

Land loss in Louisiana: is retreat the answer? COSOC-W-86-002 p. 677-682

Wetlands functions & values in Louisiana. LSU-G-93-022

Use of plants to fight erosion at your camp. LSU-G-03-018

Attention: notice to all parishes affected by the Louisiana floods. LSU-G-16-001 English Vietnamese

Filing a flood insurance claim. LSU-G-16-002

Jefferson Parish Lakefront restoration: rebuilding for a more flood resistant future. LSU-H-06-001

Maximize National Flood Insurance Program/Community Rating System Points with a program for public information. LSU-NR-16-001 (see page 8)

Restless ribbons of sand: Atlantic and Gulf coastal barriers. LSU-T-86-004

Effect of soil strength and vegetation on marsh edge erosion for Louisiana coastal protection and restoration. LSU-T-16-006

Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) to monitor coastal hazard, design mitigation measures, and evaluate long term health of Louisiana coastline. LSU-T-17-005

Living shorelines & the Community Rating System: using local government ordinances to advance the conversation. MASGC-G-16-004

Analyzing the vulnerability of buildings to coastal flooding in Galveston, Texas. MASGC-S-18-001

National Flood Insurance Reform: a glance at proposals to reform the Biggert-Waters Act. MASGC-WR-13-001

Community-level flood mitigation effects on houseold-level flood insurance and damage claims. MASGC-Y-16-001

City of Rockport community survey synthesis. TAMU-S-16-011

City of Rockport alternative scenarios report. TAMU-S-16-012

Quantitative analysis of shoreline change Sargent, Texas. TAMU-T-75-005

Segmented offshore breakwaters: an alternative for beach erosion control. VSGCP-W-84-001 pp. 287-292


Coastal landscaping in Delaware with common marsh and dune plants. DELU-G-91-002

Flood safety. DELU-G-05-008

Flooding in Indian River Bay and Rehoboth Bay through Indian River inlet and by wave overtopping of barrier beach. DELU-T-17-001

Perceptions of community resilience: a Maryland community pilot study, 2016. MDU-S-16-001

Drowning the North Carolina coast: sea level rise and estuarine dynamics. NCU-B-03-002

Know your mud, sand and water: a practical guide to coastal development. NCU-G-76-007

The citizen's guide to North Carolina's shifting inlets. NCU-G-77-003

Relative estuarine shoreline erosion potential in North Carolina. NCU-G-78-002

Planting marsh grasses for erosion control. NCU-G-81-006

Building and stabilizing coastal dunes with vegetation. NCU-G-82-001

Saving money on flood insurance for coastal property owners. NCU-G-89-003

Questions and answers on: purchasing coastal real estate in North Carolina. NCU-G-96-001

Patching oceanfront sandbags: a blueprint for success. NCU-G-96-003

The dune book: how to plant grasses for dune stabilization. NCU-H-76-002

New Hanover Banks: Then and now, a guide to the new Hanover County beaches. NCU-H-77-001

A homeowner's guide to estuarine bulkheads. NCU-H-81-003

Shoreline erosion control using marsh vegetation and low-cost structures. NCU-H-92-002

The dune book. NCU-H-03-001

Splitting heirs: the challenges posed by heirs' property ownership to coastal resilience planning. NCU-H-16-002

Flood planning and resilience guide Hyde County, North Carolina: flooding and its aftermath.NCU-H-16-004

Estuarine shoreline erosion in the Albemarle-Pamilico region of North Carolina. NCU-T-75-016

Propagation and use of "Spartina alterniflora" for shoreline erosion abatement. NCU-T-76-010

Dune stabilization with "Panicum amarum" along the North Carolina coast. NCU-T-77-001

Ten years of development on man-initiated coastal barrier dunes in North Carolina. NCU-T-77-003

Effect of ocean setback standards on the location of permanent structures in coastal North Carolina. NCU-T-83-008

Artificial seaweed for shoreline erosion control? NCU-T-86-005

Marsh grass protection with low-cost breakwaters shoreline erosion control demonstration: final project report for Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine study. NCU-T-94-001

Changing expectations: living in a flood zone. NCU-V-16-001

Runoff selection -- poor planning causes more frequent floods, pollution. PENN-NR-16-017

Tidewater rising resiliency design challenge. VSGCP-T-16-002

Green infrastructure in the Community Ratings System: a proposed path to National Flood Insurance Program recognition. VSGCP-T-16-009

Variations in sediment budget and morphology at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. VSGCP-W-84-001 pp. 203-210

Evaluation of functional behavior of shore structures and related shoreline processes in support of planned 1985 beach nourishment at Atlantic City. VSGCP-W-84-001 pp. 279-302)


We need to be ready for more hurricanes, more floods. CONN-NR-17-003

Shoreline stablization handbook. LCSG-H-04-001

Application of SWAN+ADCIRC to tide-surge and wave simulation in Gulf of Maine during Patriot's Day storm. MEU-R-16-011

Laboratory study of the effect of sea walls on beach erosion. MIT-T-95-001

Where's the beach? NJMSC-G-04-001

The evolution and value of landforms on human-altered coasts. NJMSC-R-97-004

The sand beaches of New Hampshire and Maine: beach preservation and erosion control. NHU-G-02-004

Analysis of flood damage cost avoidance in the Lamprey River watershed of New Hampshire. NHU-T-16-009

Maintaining coastal erosion control structures. NYEXT-G-84-004

Managing coastal erosion through community action. NYEXT-G-86-004

Structual methods for controlling coastal erosion. NYEXT-H-86-001

A guide to coastal erosion processes. NYEXT-T-85-001

Politics of shore erosion: Westhampton Beach. NYSGI-B-76-001

Historic bluff recession along the Lake Ontario coast, New York. NYSGI-T-81-001

Ocean coastal erosion protection: judicial allocation of shoreowners' rights and responsibilities. NYSGI-T-84-008

Coastal design with natural processes: along the ocean and Great Lakes coastlines of the U.S.--an introduction. NYSGI-T-85-005

Vegetation use in coastal ecosystems. NYSGI-T-88-002

Coastal erosion and sea-level rise. RIU-G-98-003

StormTools. RIU-I-16-001

How to build and save dunes. RIU-TL-71-004

Shoreline protection guide for property owners. SUNY-G-75-002

December storm damages Cape coastline--Falmouth's surf drive takes another hit. WHOI-G-93-001

The eroding shores of outer Cape Cod. WHOI-G-94-001

Shoreline change and the importance of coastal erosion. WHOI-G-00-001

New shoreline change data reveal Massachusetts is eroding. WHOI-G-03-001

Northeast beaches: a balancing act. WHOI-W-02-002

Stablizing dunes and coastal banks using vegetation and bioengineering: proceedings of a workshop held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA. WHOI-W-02-001


Erosion: what is natural erosion? ORESU-B-96-001 p. 101-109

Landslides of Oregon: north coast. ORESU-G-70-002

Oregon's ever-changing coastline. ORESU-G1-77-002

Development and erosion history of Bayocean Spit Tillamook, Oregon. ORESU-T-73-003

The causes of erosion to Silietz Spit, Oregon. ORESU-T-75-001

The spring of 1976 erosion of Siletz Spit, Oregon. ORESU-T-77-004

The Tillamook County Coastal Futures Project.: exploring alternative scenarios for Tillamook County's coastline. ORESU-T-17-001

Coastal sand dunes in teh U.S. Pacific northwest: regional variability in foredune geomorphology and associated physical vulnerability to hazards (masters thesis). ORESU-Y-10-012

Coastal and river flooding events: a discussion paper about community resilience. WASHU-G-16-004

The Washington Coastal Resilience Project. WASHU-G-17-002

Sea level rise and coastal flood risk assessment: Island County, Washington. WASHU-S-17-003


Seawalls & sea-level-rise-induced flooding: addressing public and private infrastructure. FLSGP-NR-17-007 (see pg. 4)

An examination of land use impacts of flooding induced by sea level rise. FLSGP-R-17-013

ELOISE: A seminar on beaches vs. hurricanes. FLSGP-W-76-001

Coupling infrastructure resilience and flood risk assessment for a coastal urban watershed. FLSGP-Y-17-002

An examination of sea level rise impacts on land use and population relocation: case study in Bay County, Florida. FLSGP-Y-17-004

Tybee Island sea-level rise adaptation plan. GAUS-T-16-002

Raising up and moving out: elevation and buyout of floodprone buildings: do they work? SCSGC-G-99-001

Q&A on purchasing coastal real estate in South Carolina. SCSGC-G-01-001

Coastal Heritage (Volume 29, Number 4, Fall 2016): Communities under water: lessons from extreme floods. SCSGC-O-16-003

A study of shore erosion management options in South Carolina. SCSGC-T-81-002

Beach erosion in South Carolina. SCSGC-T-88-001

South Carolina's migrated beaches. SCSGC-W-83-001

Proceedings of the 2016 South Carolina Water Resources Conference: South Carolina Water Resourses at a crossroads: response, readiness and recovery. SCSGC-W-16-001

Shoreline erosion in Virginia. VIMS-G-80-002


A manual for researching historical coastal erosion. CUIMR-H-81-001

Coastal erosion and beach loss in Hawaii. HAWAU-G-98-001

Beach management plan for Maui. HAWAU-T-97-003

Amasowa: and experiment in the reclamation of eroded beach areas on Atoll Islands. HAWAU-T-97-004

The National Beach Preservation Conference. HAWAU-W-00-002 (large file)

Coastal landslides in southern California. SCU-G-73-002

Impacts of global sea level rise on California coastal population resources. SCU-R-95-005

Emerging trends in beach erosion and sand rights law. SCU-R-98-004

California's coastal natural hazards. SCU-W-97-003