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The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by NSGL document number within each category. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number.

Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

For additional information related to hazards please refer to the HazNet website.


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Florida hurricanes and tropical storms. FLSGP-B-97-001

Hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida Bay. FLSGP-G-99-016

Hurricane manual for marine interests. FLSGP-H-04-001

Florida hurricanes and tropical storms 1871-1993: an historical survey. FLSGP-S-94-001

Hurricanes and coastal storms awareness, education, and mitigation. FLSGP-W-79-003

Hurricane data collection hardware and softwware: improvements, maintenance and development (thesis abstract). FLSGP-X-03-012

Maintenance and improvement of the Florida public hurricane loss model. FLSGP-Y-16-010

The 3 'Io brothers and the big bad hurricane. HAWAU-B-11-001

Sister storms: a Louisiana Sea Grant response (DVD). LSU-V-06-001

Ocean acoustic hurricane detection and classification. MIT-T-03-001

Storms, people and property in coastal North Carolina. NCU-T-78-007

Hurricane Floyd symposium summary report. NCU-W-09-002

Texas Shores (Vol. 43, No., 1, Winter/Spring 2018): Hurricane Harvey. TAMU-O-18-001


Synopsis of impacts from the 1985 Gulf of Mexico hurricanes. COSOC-W-86-002 p. 647-654

Hurricane loss analyssis based on the population-weighted index. FLSGP-R-17-019

The social impact of Hurricane Eloise on Panama City, Florida. FLSGP-T-76-010

Effect of Hurricane Elena on Florida's marsh-dominated coast: Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus Counties. FLSGP-T-87-002

Impact of hurricanes on Pinellas County, Florida, 1985. FLSGP-T-87-004

Analysis of Hurricane Andrew economic damage and recovery options for the boating, marina and marine service industries. FLSGP-T-93-003

Location and assessment of Hurricane Andrew damaged vessels on Biscayne Bay and adjoining shore areas: Vol. 1: Text and appendices. FLSGP-T-93-004

The effect of Hurricane Andrew on Monroe County businesses: negative economic effects and assitance sought. FLSGP-T-95-002

Initial effects of a hurricane storm surge on barrier island vegetation. FLSGP-T-96-001

Post-hurricane interactions among vegetation dynamics, dune recovery, and physical gradients on barrier islands. FLSGP-Y-15-012

Economic damages to infrastructure incurred by Louisiana fishing industries due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. LSU-S-07-001

Local CZM capacity pre and post hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike: a comparison study. LSU-S-11-001

Geographic impacts of hurricanes (DVD). LSU-V-08-001

Economic assessment of the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi seafood processors and dealers. MASGC-S-07-001

Economic assessment of the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi commercial fishing fleet. MASGC-S-08-002

Economic damages of Hurricane Gustav to seafood processors and dealers, marinas, and livebait dealers in coastal Mississippi. MASGC-S-11-002

The effect of Hurricane Bob (July 11, 1979) on the St. Louis Bay tidal marshes: transport and relocation of debris. MASGC-T-79-003

Effects of Hurricane Camille on the economy of Harrison County. MASGC-T-79-005

Hurricane Frederic: preliminary damage assessment commericial seafood industry. MASGC-TL-79-003

The first 100 days. MASGC-TL-80-004

After the storm: how hurricanes reshape beaches and building standards. NCU-O-97-001 p. 2-7

Evaluation of the extent of Hurricane-induced flooding on coastal urban areas in North Carolina. NCU-T-83-007

Evaluating potential hurricane and erosion damage to buildings in coastal North Carolina. NCU-T-01-001

Effect of Hurricane Sandy on coastal property lines in New York. NSGLC-G-12-016

Effect of Hurricane Sandy on coastal property lines in New Jersey. NSGLC-G-13-001

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. RIU-G-92-003

Coastal Heritage (Volume 23, Number 4, Sprint 2009): disaster resilience (Hugo and Katrina) SCSGC-O-09-002

Hurricane damage sustained by the oyster industry and the oyster reefs across the Galveston Bay system with recover recommendations. TAMU-S-09-001

Airphoto analysis of the impact of Hurricane Alicia on Galveston Island. TAMU-T-84-002

The impact of Hurricane Ike on the geomorphology of Follett's Island, Texas -- short and long term effects. TAMU-Y-15-009

Morphological change of a developed barrier island due to hurricane forcing. VSGCP-Y-16-001


Learning from Superstorm Sandy: 10 Questions for the experts. CONN-NR-17-001

We need to be ready for more hurricanes, more floods. CONN-NR-17-003

Hurricane preparedness for coastal Sussex County Delaware. DELU-G-85-006

Hurricane and severe weather checklist for boaters. FLSGP-G-80-004

Severe weather and hurricane planning guide for marina boatyard operators. FLSGP-G-82-003

Hurricane survival family action guidelines. FLSGP-G-87-004

The prediction of Hurricane storm surges: a state-of-the-art survey. FLSGP-T-82-007

Evaluation of existing and potential hurricane shelters. FLSGP-T-84-006

Prior planning for post-hurricane reconstruction. FLSGP-T-86-012

Mitigation of hurricane losses: federal, state and local programs. FLSGP-T-90-002

The costs of hurricane emergency management services. FLSGP-T-03-001

Hurricanes, severe storms and marina preparedness. FLSGP-W-79-001 pp. 42-43

Recommendations for hurricane preparations and responses for boating communities and industries. FLSGP-W-93-001

Hawai'i boater's hurricane safety manual. HAWAU-H-05-004

Mitigating the risk from coastal hazards: strategies and concepts for recovery from the December 26, 2004 tsunami. HAWAU-H-05-004

Homeowner's handbook to prepare for natural hazards. HAWAU-H-07-003

Hawaii boater's hurricane and tsunami safety manual. HAWAU-H-13-001

New Orleans community rebuilding & hazard mitigation. LSU-H-05-001

The vulnerability of Louisiana to hurricane damage and the value of wetlands for hurricane risk reduction. LSU-S-16-006

Hurricane safety checklist. NCU-G-82-004

Flood planning and resilience guide Hyde County, North Carolina. NCU-H-16-004

Hurricane risk perception and emergency communication effectiveness in coastal zones (2008-2010 surveys preliminary reports). NCU-S-10-003

Mathematical modeling of circulation and hurricane surge in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina. NCU-T-76-008

Hurricane emergency planning: estimating evacuation times for non-metropolitan coastal communities. NCU-T-83-002

Hurricane plan for boaters. RIU-G-92-001

Hurricane preparedness. For commercial fishing vessels, docks and fish houses. SCSGC-G-87-001

Hurricane preparation checklists. SCSGC-G-90-001

The risk of hurricane wind damage to buildings in South Carolina. SCSGC-G-90-005

Hurricane precautions for swimming pools. SCSGC-G-00-001

Preparing your business for a hurricane. SCSGC-G-00-002

Keys to hurricane safety. TAMU-G-83-001

Evacuation and contigency zones Corpus Christi Christi area. TAMU-G-83-003

Protecting your boat against severe weather. TAMU-G-84-007

Evacuation and contingency zones [in the] Brownsville area. Zonas de evacuacion y refugio del area de Brownsville. TAMU-G-85-003

Keys to hurricane safety. Puntos de seguridad en caso de huracanes (In English and Spanish). TAMU-G-85-004

Texas coast hurricanes. TAMU-G-86-005

Evacuation and contingency zones Matagorda Area. TAMU-G-87-004

The shrimp boat owner's guide to hurricane preparedness at the Port of Palacios. TAMU-G-98-002

Texas Sea Grant responds to Hurricane Harvey to help Texas recover, rebuild and prepare for the future. TAMU-G-17-001

Are you ready? The eye of the storm: a Texas hurricane survival guide (revised). TAMU-H-13-001

Esta preparado? El Ojo de la Tormenta. TAMU-H-13-002

Hurricane message enhancement. TAMU-T-81-004

Hurricane relocation planning for Aransas, Kenedy, Kleberg, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio Counties. TAMU-T-83-006

Hurricane relocation planning for Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton and Orange Counties. TAMU-T-83-010

Hurricane relocation planning for Cameron and Willacy Counties. TAMU-T-85-005

Coastal Construction

Hurricane-resistant construction for homes. FLSGP-T1-76-003

Guidelines for hurricane resistant construction. MASGC-H-79-002

Wooden wind anchors for hurricane-resistant construction near the ocean. NCU-G-84-006

Evaluating potential hurricane and erosion damage to buildings in coastal North Carolina. NCU-T-01-001

Guidelines for new home construction in hurricane-prone areas. SCSGC-G-01-005

Public Awareness

The Coastal Storm Awareness Program Final Report. CSAP-T-15-001

Learning from Superstorm Sandy: 10 questions for the experts. CONN-NR-17-001

Hurricanes kill! Being aware saves lives and property. LSU-G-83-002

Willful winds--Hurricane Andrew and Louisiana's coast. LSU-G-96-001

Best practices for effective hurricane communication. MASGC-G-10-011

Barrier Islands and Hurricane Fran. NCU-E-97-001

Hurricanes: how real is the threat? A critical coastal issue. NJMSC-G-82-003

Hurricane! Safety measures. [Huracan! Medidas de precaucion.] PRU-G-92-006

Beaufort wind force scale 13 ways to estimate the force of the wind. RIU-G-77-004

Hurricanes. RIU-G-92-002

Rhode Island at risk: what do we have to lose? Hurricanes in Rhode Island. RIU-G-97-006

Hurricanes on the Texas coast. TAMU-G-75-005

Hurricane watch, hurricane warning: why don't people listen? TAMU-G-80-003

Hurricane warning: Owlie Skywarn: a booklet for boys & girls. TAMU-G-82-007

Hurricane! TAMU-G-96-004

Hurricane awareness information for Matagorda County. TAMU-G-10-001