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The following Sea Grant documents are arranged alphabetically by NSGL document number within each subcategory. Click on the NSGL document number (following the title) to view the full-text digital version of the publication. The originating Sea Grant program can be identified by the institution code in the document number.

Documents that are not digitally available may be ordered from the NSGL (loan copy only) or the issuing Sea Grant institution.

For additional information related to hazards please refer to the HazNet website.


Waterfront sheet pile walls subjected to earthquake shaking: analysis method. CUIMR-Q-90-001

A laboratory study of the fluid-structure interaction of sub-merged tanks and ciassons in earthquakes. CUIMR-T-78-002

The behavior of submerged, multiple bodies in earthquakes. CUIMR-T-82-006

A laboratory study of submerged multi-body systems in earthquakes (abstract only). CUIMR-X-78-006

The behavior of submerged, multiple bodies in earthquakes (abstract only). CUIMR-X-82-001

Measuring county resilience after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquate. LSU-R-16-006


Great wave in harbor! AKU-E1-81-003

Tsunami research: protecting coastal communities. HAWAU-G-08-001

Mitigating the risk from coastal hazards: strategies and concepts for recovery from the Decemer 26, 2004 tsunami. HAWAU-H-05-004

Hawaii boater's hurricane and tsunami safety manual. HAWAU-H-13-001

Addressing coastal hazards (Ka Pili Kai 26(4): winter 2004/2005). HAWAU-O-05-001

The 1960 tsunami in Hawaii: long term consequences of a coastal disaster. HAWAU-R-17-001

Tsunamis in the Hawaiian Islands. HAWAU-W-78-001 pp. 148-154

Numerical simulation of a distant small-scale tsunami. HAWAU-W-92-002 pp. 67-78

Modeling tsunami flooding of Hilo, Hawaii. HAWAU-W-92-002 pp. 79-86

Tsunami response simulation at Guadalupe Island (Mexico). HAWAU-W-92-002 pp. 87-95

Historical tsunami heights along the coast of Shikoku Island in Japan. HAWAU-W-92-002 pp. 105-114

Storm surges and tides around Sri Lanka. HAWAU-W-92-002 pp. 205-218

Risk analysis of coastal flooding due to distant tsunamis. HAWAU-Y-05-002

Probabistic approach for tsunami inudation mapping. HAWAU-Y-08-006

Are there tsunamis in the Great Lakes? MICHU-G-16-026

Depth-integrated, non-hydrostatic model with grid nesting for tsunami generation, propagation, and runup. HAWAU-Y-10-003

Tsunami STEM curriculum. ORESU-E-13-003

Tsunami awareness for fishermen and mariners. ORESU-G-07-004

Three things you need to know about tsunamis. ORESU-G-11-010

Oregon Sea Grant helps coastal residents prepare for tsunamis. ORESU-G-11-013

Japanese tsunami marine debris: key aquatic invasive species watch. ORESU-G-13-002

Key aquatic invasive species watch: Japanese tsunami marine debris in the Eastern Pacific. ORESU-H-15-002

Benthic marine algae on Japanese tsunami marine debris: Part 1 -- The tsunami event, the project overview, and the red algae. ORESU-H-17-001

Benthic marine algae on Japanese tsunami marine debris: Part 2 -- the brown algae. ORESU-H-17-002

Benthic marine algae on Japanese tsunami marine debris: Part 3: the green algae and cyanobacteria. ORESU-H-17-003

Localized extreme tsunami run-up. ORESU-I-09-001

Who is most affected by tsunamis? ORESU-O-12-001 (see pp. 8-9)

Simulator helps coastal residents prepare tsunami evacuation strategy. ORESU-O-16-002 (see pp. 3-5)

Report on the first tsunami vessel, the Sou-you, washed ashore in North American with living Japanese species. ORESU-T-13-003

Tsunami preparedness in Oregion (video). ORESU-V-10-006

Responding to risks of marine debris: Japanese tsunami marine debris (video). ORESU-V-14-003

Tsunami quests (video). ORESU-V-17-004

Analysis of wave forces on prototype walls under tsunami loading (Masters thesis). ORESU-Y-10-011

Tsunami inundation: estimating damage and predicting flow properties. ORESU-Y-13-004

Agent-based tsunami evacuation model: life safety and network resilience. ORESU-Y-16-004

Surfing the Cascadia Subduction Zone: risk, perceptions and evacuation knowledge among Oregon surfers. ORESU-Y-17-006

NOAA Science Camp: tsunamis (camper's journal). WASHU-E-08-002

DART -- Deep-ocean assessment and reporting of tsunamis. WASHU-G-14-007

Debris accumulation scenarios in Washington State from the March 2011 Tohoku Tsunami. WASHU-T-12-002

Meteotsunamis in the laurentian Great Lakes. WISCU-R-16-008


Hawaii's coastline: chapter for the world's coastline. HAWAU-M-04-001

Submarine volcanoes and their creation. HAWAU-W-81-001 pp. 93-100

Seismicity of an intraplate submarine volcano: Loihi Seamount Hawaii. HAWAU-Y-95-003

Volcano instability on the submarine south flank of Hawaii Island. HAWAU-Y-96-007

Loihi hydrothermal plume characteristics: before during, adn after the 1996 summit collapse. HAWAU-Y-99-003

Processes of normal faulting and surface deformation along the Koae Fault System, Hawaii. HAWAU-Y-00-004