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Digital Libraries: The Coastal Society Conference Proceedings

The following Coastal Society proceedings are available in digital format and are accessible here with permission from The Coastal Society. They are arranged sequentially starting with the earlier conferences. All of these conferences have involved partial Sea Grant support.

The Coastal Society Conference Proceedings

(1) TCS-W-75-001
The Present and Future of Coasts
First Annual Conference
Arlington, Virginia
November 24-26, 1975

(2) TCS-W-76-001
Time-Stressed Coastal Environments: Assessment and Future Action
Second Annual Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
November 17-20, 1976

(3) TCS-W-77-001
Energy Across the Coastal Zone
Third Annual Conference
Seattle, Washington
November 3-5, 1977

(4) TCS-W-78-001
Coping With The Coast: Gaining Access and Reacting to Change
Fourth Annual Conference
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
September 26-28, 1978

(5) TCS-W-79-001
Resource Allocation Issues in the Coastal Environment
Fifth Annual Conference
Newport, Rhode Island
November 6-8, 1979

(6) TCS-W-80-001
Utilization of Science in the Decision-Making Process
Sixth Annual Conference
San Diego, California
October 13-15, 1980

(7) TCS-W-81-001
Achievements of the '70s and Prospects for the '80s
Seventh Annual Conference
Galveston, Texas
October 11-14, 1981

(8) TCS-W-82-001
Communicating Coastal Information
Eighth Annual Conference
Baltimore, Maryland
October 11-13, 1982

(9) TCS-W-84-001 / VSGSP-W-84-001
Gambling with the Shore
Ninth International Conference
Atlantic City, New Jersey
October 14-17, 1984

(10) TCS-W-86-001 Vol. 1 / TCS-W-86-002 Vol. 2
Estuarine and Coastal Management Tools of the Trade
Tenth International Conference
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 12-15, 1986.

(11) TCS-W-88-001
Ports and Harbors: Our Link to the Water
Eleventh International Conference
Boston, Massachusetts
October 22-26, 1988

(12) TCS-W-90-001
Our Coastal Experience: Assessing the Past, Confronting the Future
Twelfth International Conference
San Antonio, Texas
October 21-24, 1990

(13) TCS-W-92-001
Organizing for the Coast
Thirteenth International Conference
Washington, D.C.
April 5-8, 1992

(14) TCS-W-94-001
The Coast: Organizing for the Future
Fourteenth International Conference
Charleston, South Carolina
April 17-21, 1994

(15) TCS-W-96-001
Seeking Balance: Conflict, Resolution & Parnership
Fifteenth International Conference
Seattle, Washington
July 14-17, 1996

(16) TCS-W-98-001 / TCS-W-98-002 (addendum volume)
Minding the Coast
Sixteenth International Conference
Williamsburg, Virginia
July 12-15, 1998

(17) TCS-C-00-001 / ORESU-C-00-002
Coasts at the Millenium
Seventeenth International Conference
Portland, Oregon
July 9-12, 2000

(18) TCS-C-02-001 / NCU-C-02-001
Converging Currents: Science, Culture and Policy at the Coast
Eighteenth International Conference
Galveston, Texas
May 19-22, 2002

(19) TCS-C-04-001 / RIU-C-04-001
Measure for Measure. How do we Gauge Coastal Stewardship?
Nineteenth International Conference
Newport, Rhode Island
May 23-26, 2004

(20) TCS-C-06-001
Charting a New Course: Shaping Solutions for the Coast
Twentieth International Conference
St. Pete Beach, Floria
May 14-17, 2006

(21) TCS-W-08-001
Coastal Footprints: Minimizing Human Impacts, Maximizing Stewardship
Twenty-first International Conference
Redondo Beach, California
June 29-July 2, 2008

(22) TCS-W-10-001
Shifting Shorelines: Adapting to the Future
Twenty-second International Conference
Wilmington, North Carolina
June 13-16, 2010

(23) TCS-W-12-001
Our Coasts, Our Heritage: Ecosystem Services for the Common Good
Twenty-third International Conference
Miami, Florida
June 3-6, 2012