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Welcome to the National Sea Grant Library’s resource page for publication reporting.  Here, you used to find the information you needed to submit your program's publication materials.  However, since the NSGL is being merged into NOAA Central Library and NOAA IR, from Reporting Period 2021 onward, you will be submitting your publications directly to NOAA Library and NOAA IR.  It's been great working with you all for all these years, and good wishes to you all!;



In general, it is expected that all programs, extensions, and consortia will continue to report any publications as very soon as it is possible.  Submission should be distributed throughout the year.  Programs should not wait until the deadline to submit, however, NOAA Library and IR are developing their own system for accepting submissions, so please be patient while they finalize their process. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the folks at   


Thank you!

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