Invasion of an Exotic Species: Stop the Zebra Mussel!


Activities and Resources for Grades 8-12

(44 K)
Forest Insect & Disease Leaflet: Gypsy Moth
(1.3 M)
Map: North American Range of Zebra Mussel (105 K)
Great Lakes Sea Grant Resource List on Zebra Mussels (571 K)
Mid-Atlantic Zebra Mussel Fact Sheet (984 K)
Zebra Mussel Migration to Inland Lakes & Reservoirs (741 K)
Criteria for Predicting Zebra Mussel Invasions (1.5 M)
Zebra Mussels in Virginia's Future (367 K)
Potential Range of Zebra Mussel in and near Virginia (1.5 M)
The Zebra Mussel: An Unwelcomed North American Invader (1.8 M)
Teacher's Guide, Contacts, and Resources (586 K)
Student Activities (181 K)
Study Sites (275 K)
Full Document / VSGCPE94002 (10 M)


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